Improve Your Professional Values to Attract More Clients

Richard Lechartier

Investors like Richard Lechartier are cautious and sometimes worried about trading due to the volatile market. You can often see them on their phones or check their emails to know what is going on. “More often than not, I message my financial advisor to seek financial advice and knowledge” acknowledged Richard Lechartier. Hence, financial advisors need to improve their value and prove their knowledge to their clients. Richard Lechartier graduated from a French business institution before moving to the UK. He worked as a sales manager and later became a shareholder in a start-up company and turned into an entrepreneur establishing businesses in both France and UK.

Programs that help you strengthen your value

Some online platforms offer financial advisory services to clients in the finance industry. Prospective clients can avail themselves of the products and services on offer and make use of them. Some of them even host online programs for financial advisors. Topics discussed in these programs include how advisors can better themselves professionally to add more value to their careers.

Tips on value improvement for financial advisors

The evolution of the advisor value proposition should be recognized

A financial analyst said that this value has changed from what it was for nearly 60 years. It is not surprising to see advisors transition from stockbrokers to investment advisors. Also, non-active index investing became a thing. This caused advisors to adjust and go into industries like investment, tax, estate, and risk management. These new industries are now vital in assessing a financial advisor’s value.

The importance of the evolution

Evolution brings both negative and positive change. The advisor preposition evolution has brought positive changes for financial advisors. 21st-century advisors have broadened their knowledge and services to improve their values. They offer a range of services from different industries.

The negative impact of the evolution

For its negative impact, it has to do with payment for services rendered by financial advisors. Financial advisors these days earn less for offering more services. In those days, financial advisors give fewer services, yet the payment they get is almost the same as modern advisors. Simply put, they do more for less compensation, and this might unfortunately continue to happen. Therefore, advisors need to know where their values lie. Interview your clients to see what services they value most among your various services.

Establish a relationship with your clients

A financial expert said that advisors can set themselves apart when they offer different services. These services should go beyond managing portfolios. They shouldn’t forget that they are meant to uncomplicate complicated cases for their clients. For instance, they can build relationships with their clients, something robo-advisors can’t offer clients.

How to build relationships

The first is to simplify financial vocabulary, terms, and conditions for their clients. A modern advisor will help clients understand their finances and create a thorough, personalized plan tailored to each client. To break it down, most clients prefer to form a relationship with a physical advisor rather than a robo-advisor. They want their advisors to understand them, know their preferences, and identify their financial needs. In addition, they want their advisors to offer services that suit their needs.

Know which work is low value and high value

A financial expert encouraged advisors to recognize the most useful means of delivering their services to clients. They should also question what can increase the value they offer. He added that it is vital to know which work has low and high values. He further reiterated that work with high values is more impactful. Furthermore, advisors need to devote less effort and time to unimportant activities. The advisors should rather focus on building more relationships with their clients.

What are low-value works?

Financial Analysts recalled that work with low value is activities that are not within the main service rendering. This type of work is regularized among customers, given out, or computerized. They include recordkeeping, gathering clients’ data, email follow-up, and sending bills.

High-value works

Work that is high in value needs better financial experts, meeting client’s needs, and improving relations with customers. To be at the top and also get clients’ satisfaction, it is important to get it right.

Let your clients know about financial literacy

Client’s education on finances and the volatile market should be paramount among the services an advisor offers. As early as possible, your clients should know how volatile the market is and its effect on investments and trading. Assure your clients that you will try your best to mitigate risks against market volatility to prevent loss of money. Do this every year for your clients, and don’t forget to remind them to put their minds at rest. Remember, your clients trust you with their money and are often afraid of losing their money.


In summary, having an entrepreneurial mindset like Richard Lechartier means you require the services of an advisor. But you need an advisor that has high value and produces high-value work. He or she should be someone you can relate with and who knows what you want. Furthermore, the advisor must be ready to listen to you and give you sound financial advice.