Truck Green Slip and Heavy Haulage Insurance

Emma Kimonides- Heavy Haulage

Truckers and heavy haulage drivers face risks every day on the road. They need protection in case their vehicles or transported goods get damaged or stolen.

One of the best protection is financial protection. There is no better way to ensure they are financially secured and protected than insurance. They get compensated for damages to themselves, their vehicles, and the cargo they carry.

“Truck and heavy haulage insurance ensure the insured is compensated even when he is out of work” explains Emma Rita Kimonodes.

Emma Kimonodes is a founder of Yes Insurance Group. Emma Kimonodes established the insurance firm to broker insurance deals for her clients. As the director of the company, she has led Yes Insurance to greater heights.

Every registered automobile must insure with truck green slip insurance in Australia.

Truck Green Slip Insurance

It is the financial protection given to the insured in the event of an accident, theft, or illness. It is a mandatory third-party insurance policy that covers third-party incidents. Some insurance companies compensate the insured even if the insured is not at fault. On the other hand, it is different if you destroy another person’s vehicle. Green slip insurance won’t compensate the insured.

“Green slip insurance is controlled by each state in Australia,” Emma Kimonodes states. Therefore the insurance rules of each state are different. For example, you can immediately be issued your insurance in some places. In other states, it is different if your vehicle was registered in those states. You need to register your truck within those states’ insurance companies. The insurance company must offer green slip insurance policies.

To know more about the green slip insurance regulation of your state, go online. Check the insurance regulation website of your state.

Truck Green Slip Insurance Policies for Truck Companies in Australia

As a business owner, it doesn’t matter if your company has one truck or many trucks. Never forget to insure yourself, your truck(s), and your company. You need company green slip insurance for your business. Fleet green slip insurance is used to cover more than one truck together. It saves money that you would have used to ensure each truck. The type of registration you do for your truck will determine the insurance cost and type.

Green Slip Insurance Price

Green slip insurance costs don’t have a fixed price. It depends on the type of insurance policy the insured signed up for. It also depends on the truck value.

Factors affecting green slip insurance price are:

  • Number of trucks
  • Registration State of the truck(s)
  • Type of Truck(s)
  • How long you have been using the truck(s)
  • History of the claims
  • Age of the driver(s) 

Heavy Haulage Insurance

A mishap, robbery, or truck breaking down may halt or put a stop to your business. It can be a stressful time for the owner and the workers. Any disruption means financial loss.

Emma Rita Kimonodes states that insurance can protect you from this loss. That is why you need the services of Yes Insurance. Heavy haulage insurance can give you financial compensation during a crisis. Find a reliable heavy haulage insurance broker or company to get the assistance you need.

Heavy haulage insurance is a special type of insurance for heavy haulage firms and drivers. It also covers the goods being carried. It has a wide range of coverage.

Coverage areas depend on the business operations, dangers, and type of coverage.

Why a Business Needs heavy Haulage Insurance

“The dangers heavy haulage drivers face on the road are comprehensive,” advises Emma Kimonodes. Such dangers include physical injuries, accidents while in transit, and the drivers’ unexpected exhaustion. 

When something bad happens, the business may have to stop its operation. If the owner decides to resume, heavy haulage insurance will reduce the financial burden. It helps the business to quickly get back on its feet and recoup its loss.

Yes Insurance Company is an expert brokerage company in Australia. They help in securing the best insurance deals for truckers and transporters. They have gotten many heavy haulage insurance deals for their clients.

They offer their services to courier service firms, business owner drivers, logistics firms, and transport firms.

Heavy Haulage Insurance Plans

Public Liability Plan: Given if the insured is injured or his property is damaged by third parties. The injury or damage must have occurred when the insurance was working.

Maritime Cargo Plan: This plan is for heavy haulage businesses that operate via sea or ocean route. Goods stolen or lost during transportation via aquatic routes are covered.

Cargo in Transit Plan: Coverage plan extends to loss or damage of cargos while on route.

Transports Goodwill Plan: Compensate the insured if he lost his clients’ goods while transporting them.

Goods Liability Plan: Gives coverage to a business mode of transport terms and conditions.

Truck Insurance Plan: Covers the automobile in case it caught fire, got stolen, or was damaged.


Truck green slip and heavy haulage insurance are the best choices for those in the transportation and logistics business.