Successful Facilitation of Customer Engagement in Banking Through SMS Communication

customer engagement in banking

In this new age of marketing, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty have been good taken care of by the Banking sector at present with the utmost care and there to have a fast and reliable reach to their customers, it has become absolutely essential to initiate Customer Engagement in Banking by channelizing it through organizational behavior where mutually beneficial exchanges occur between customers and companies. Moreover, it can be said that customer engagement gained its importance to establish marketing thoughts and there owing to the newly emergent digital transformation which duly facilitates customer engagement in banking to take a leap and alter its mode of selling to the marketing orientation. 

Customer engagement planning even incorporates co-creation that is often counted as an effective outcome of customer engagement where it deliberately incorporates an individual’s participation and duly connects it with the lucrative offerings made by organizations or with the activities, created either by the organizations or customers. Thus, to achieve customer engagement solutions in banking, brands need to be constantly evolving and innovating by engaging more and more customers into it and this can be effectively achieved by initiating an array of behavioral components like advocacy and co-creation. 

There should be modes to enhance customer engagement and retail banking took an active step to implement it with certain customer engagement tools. Needless to say, that customer engagement in banking took considerable effort to cite and rectify customer needs and later by implementing various customer engagement tools like, push notifications and others, succeeded in maintaining constant connectivity with millions of customers at one go. Here, it is important to understand the specificity of customer engagement services or e-banking services, so that the system can be able to articulate the best customer engagement platform and recently, it has been confirmed that SMS services like push messages have themselves to be the most effective ones.

Objectives Of Customer Engagement in Banking

  1. To construct a bridge to evaluate customer engagement.
  2. To accentuate the importance of customer engagement in banking.
  3. To carefully examine an array of demographic variables, actively influencing customer engagement in banking. 

Digital Customer Engagement Providers

Customer Engagement in Banking facilitates personalized end-user communication tools that can keep notifying and updating customers about the services and transactional operations occurring between them and the banks. 

Updating about Payment Reminders

SMS communication here plays an effective role in updating customers about the transactions that have been operated and in this way, customers are enabled to have a grip on their accounts and are even benefitted from avoiding giving any additional fees. 

Enable to Receive Real-Time Notifications

SMS communication in banking facilities to give time to time updates and real and sensitive information to the customers and this ensures security as this customer engagement service can minimize fraudulent activities and can save their accounts from encountering any suspicious activities.

Establishment of Two-Factor Authentication

This SMS communication facilitates customer engagement in banking to prioritize data protection where cyberattacks can be efficiently minimized. 

Enable Customer Engagement through Interactive SMS communication

SMS communication through interactive exchange deploys a conversation-based customer engagement strategy where enables the active incorporation of chatbots to address and solve customer issues immediately. 


Thus, it can be concluded that SMS communication in customer engagement in banking can be regarded as a unique conceptualization of customer engagement strategies in the potboiler of marketing thoughts and practice and this will soon turn into a beneficial construct of totality in both operational transactions and introducing personalized products and services of financial sectors extensively.