How Can I Get a Car Title Loan With Poor Credit?

Car title loans

Car title loans can be a viable option for auto financing for those with bad credit. With advances in technology, it is now possible to get approved for an online bad credit car loan in Edmonton. One can do this without going to a bank or physically visiting a location.

Normally, only those with good credit quality. But this loan allows even those with problematic credit scores to go through the process of getting their financial problems solved quickly. This loan opens avenues for quicker approval and applications. The growing trend of online car pawn loans has also allowed those with bad credit to have access to these types of loans.
Many loan specialists cater specifically to people without good credit. These include getting an auto title loan with poor credit ratings. They claim to be able to help you get approved as quickly as possible. And allow you to get a far better interest rate than banks typically offer on car title loans.

What is a Bad Credit Car Loan?

Title loans are a form of short-term borrowing that one can get through a car title lender. This loan can only be taken by those who have a car title that is clear of liens. With the growing popularity of online car pawn loans, obtaining a loan with poor credit is now possible. With poor credit, however, there is a need to prove that you are capable of repaying the loan. To prove this, those with poor credit can choose to put up their car as collateral for the loan. With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to apply for car loans online. This has made it much easier to apply for this loan, especially if you have poor credit.
Online car title loans are usually for the short term and offer lower interest rates than other types of auto financing. One can get an online auto title loan even with low credit scores since this loan does not need a minimum credit score requirement.

Application Process For A Car Title Loan

To understand how bad credit car loans in Edmonton work, it is best to understand the application process. As mentioned above, anyone can apply for this loan online. The borrower can apply both through the Internet as well as through the physical location of the lender.
  1. First of all, you have to recognize the need you want to fulfill with the bad credit car title loan. Any need may arise, like an emergency medical condition, payment of your monthly loans, tuition fee payment, or arranging for vacation funds. This loan can satisfy any such needs.
  2.  The next step involves finding the best deal among the lenders offering bad credit car loans. Here, you must compare interest rates and not necessarily the eligibility criteria. You should also check various offers to check their terms and conditions.

  3.  You must then go through the loan application process. It is a formal process that requires you to provide certain personal details. These include your full name, address, vehicle details as well as other such information that ease your getting the loan.

  4.  Once you have provided all the information, the lender will perform some checks including a vehicle check. This is to ensure that the vehicle has equity and so, you are eligible for such a loan.

  5.  Once this verification process is complete, you will be clearly notified whether or not you are eligible for the loan. The lender approves on the same day.

  6. You should then proceed with finalizing the loan repayment process conditions. You must specify your convenience for paying your monthly installments of these bad credit car loans in Edmonton. Then, lock a schedule that suits you.
  7.  In the last step, you will receive your cash within 24 hours of completion of such formalities. Although, the whole process from submitting an application and getting cash in your hands will hardly take 24 hours.

Benefits Of Car Title Loans

There are several advantages to accessing online car title loans and choosing to go through this process.

Quick Approvals

One potential advantage is that you can have the money directly in your hands within 24 hours of applying for such a loan. This application process allows you to get approved almost instantly and receive the money quickly.

Reputable Lenders

There is another benefit of access to these bad credit car loans in Edmonton. It is that there are several different reputable and reliable lenders that you can apply with for the loan. These alternatives help you choose one that has the best interest rates and prices so you can stick within your budget. One such reliable lender is Canada Loan Shop, which offers loans on friendly terms and the customer’s satisfaction is always kept on top. Also, you can get the loan in the minimum time and based on the least formalities.

Easy Process

It is also easy to get this type of loan because of the simplicity of the application process. You will be able to go through it without any hassle or problems in the least amount of time possible. The process is hassle-free and this allows you to quickly get approved. For those that want more information, they can submit an online application form and wait for a response.

Keep Driving Your Car

Since the quick application process in this type of loan does not require you to physically go to a bank, there is no waiting for a long period of time. You will be able to receive your cash as soon as you can apply for it and you can also still use your car.

No Prepayment Penalty

 Unlike other auto financing options, bad credit car loans in Edmonton do not have any prepayment penalty if you want to pay off the loans early. This is a plus for those with credit problems since this allows them to pay off their loan faster. Also, avoid interest charges that would accumulate if they decide to pay the loan in installments.

No Credit Checks

Another benefit of this loan is that it does not require any credit check. This means that those with bad credit will be able to get financing for their cars. Many would not be able to borrow money from other financing options because of their credit history. But the car title loan lenders have no concern with your own credit score as long as your car holds equity. The car is nothing but collateral. This entails the loan provider of the right to repossess it if you fail to pay off your auto title loan on time.


If you want to take a bad credit car loan in Edmonton, make sure to do sufficient research before diving in and understanding how these work. It is quite easy finding reliable lenders in Edmonton who offer friendly and fast loans like Canada Loan Shop. Considering this, you must be clear about your preferences and the needs you want to fulfill.