5 Capital Market Outsourcing Companies to Know About

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Capital market or investment banking outsourcing companies are slowly changing the investment banking ecosystem. With every passing year, capital markets are becoming more transparent and the compliance approach more data-driven. At the same time, in a competitive landscape, companies face more significant challenges in retaining customers and providing them the best services.

To beat the competition, notable conglomerates in the industry are shifting to artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and blockchain. These technologies have proven benefits for streamlining their operations, augmenting their bottom line. However, adapting to the changing requirements of the industry may be capital- and labor-intensive. Thankfully, companies looking to scale up to the next level without spending a fortune have found a new way out – rope in a capital market or investment banking outsourcing company.

We have sifted through truckloads of data to bring you the top 5 capital market and investment banking outsourcing companies in the world.

Top 5 capital market and investment banking outsourcing companies in the world and attributes that make them the best:

Acuity Knowledge Partners

Acuity Knowledge Partners is a highly acclaimed investment banking outsourcing company, providing analytics, research, and business intelligence services to over 350 financial institutions. Its clients are spread across industries such as asset management, brokerage, trading, commercial banking, consulting, corporate, and investment banking.

The company has more than 3,000 research analysts and delivery experts across the world. The two philosophies that drive it towards excellence are ‘Do More with Less’ and ‘Empower. Innovate. Transform’.

Acuity Knowledge Partners has over 17 years of experience as a capital market and investment banking outsourcing company. Its operational efficiency and turnaround time are one of the best in the industry. Its robust compliance protocols and information security system ensure that data are 100% safe.

Acuity Knowledge Partners’ proprietary BEAT-enabled Solutions Suite has pushed it to the limelight. The suite is unique because it enables its clients to dejargonise complex workflow, automate process-driven tasks and enhance operational efficiency.


Headed by Mark Beeston, the founder, and managing partner of Illuminate Financial Management LLP, CloudMargin has earned fame as a capital market outsourcing company. This FinTech company offers a state-of-the-art software-as-a-service (SaaS) facility, which helps corporates and financial institutions efficiently manage collateral and minimize the risks of derivatives trading.

This company came into existence in 2014. The brains behind CloudMargin have several decades of experience in OTC derivatives, collateral management, and capital markets. The formation of the company was driven by the passion for simplifying collateral management which, according to them, was overpriced and inefficient.

CloudMargin’s cloud-based collateral management platform enables aggregate collateral data, automate the workflow, connect and integrate the platform with in-house systems and use data to optimize business decisions.


The list of the top 5 companies will not be complete without including DealCloud. The company is wholly owned by Intapp, which provides industry-leading firm management solutions. Its clientele includes well-known investment banking companies, high-net-worth individuals, and consulting accounting, and legal firms.

DealCloud offers a data-powered cloud-based platform for business development, relationship management, pipeline management, marketing, fundraising and IR, reporting and analytics, and compliance. The platform is fully customizable and configurable to suit the dynamic needs of clients.

DealCloud provides services to private and growth equities, fund of funds, real estate firms, venture capitalists, public and private companies, M&A advisory firms, investment banks, and credit investors.


Founded in 2016, Neudata has earned the distinction of becoming the first and only FinTech firm specializing in objective and neutral-data scouting. It figures prominently on the list. The firm focuses on finding alpha-generating alternative data intelligence for investment professionals.

Neudata’s SaaS catalog containing over 5,000 alternative dataset reports enables its customers to find, manage and compare data. Neudata’s proprietary system assesses and catalogs data through 100 unique factors and then sells metadata reports and advice.

Its clients can leverage insights from its research experts based in London, Shanghai, and New York. The company offers four packages for investment managers and one package for data providers. The Neudata team comprises 35 alternative data scouts, event professionals, software developers, journalists, and account managers.


priceSeries is an innovative and vibrant capital market outsourcing company based in Silicon Valley, US. It provides algorithmic trade identification services to US investors. The founders have a long legacy of trading the US capital markets. The signature product – TradeVisor – enables its users to identify better trading opportunities and control trades more efficiently.

priceSeries uses machine intelligence to spot trading opportunities. TradeVisor simplifies decision-making by collating and presenting all technical and statistical data on a web page. Clients can check the dataset and make the right decision at an appropriate time. It also offers unique products such as ReliabilityScore, Top Picks, and Adaptive stop loss to maximize profit.


Now that you know about the top 5 capital market and investment banking outsourcing companies globally, it is time to check how they can contribute to your organizational growth story.
If you want to check how more than 350 companies and over 3,000+ SMEs have optimized their operation efficiency, visit Acuity Knowledge Partners.