8 Alternatives of Buying a Car to Save Money and Parking Space


The automotive industry is successful in changing the perspective of the audience for cars. They were once a status symbol for the rich, but they now represent comfort while traveling on the road. A car parked inside the garage is a common sight in a neighborhood.

Still, it makes no sense to put unnecessary stress on your finances with installments from car finance. You don’t have to buy the luxurious dream car to commute if you cannot afford it. To your relief, many alternatives make buying a new car a bad financial decision.

When to Not Buy a New Car?

A new car is a major decision with a huge impact on your personal and financial life. You will get comfort while traveling to someplace alone or with your family. But it will require a heavy investment along with regular maintenance.

Your lifestyle may not require a vehicle at the stage. Also, many people don’t even have a dedicated space to park their new vehicles. Similarly, you should invest the money in some other non-depreciating vehicle if the alternatives meet the requirements.

Alternatives of Buying a New Car

You can decide not to buy a new car after going through the requirement and alternatives. The decision can add an asset to your name or save thousands of pounds. These are a few alternatives to consider before buying a new car for your regular commute.

1. Used Car

Your car loses a significant value once it takes the exit from the dealership. It is an asset that will lose value even if it sits in the garage. Therefore, people buy used vehicles to get amazing deals on the older versions of the same car.

It will require a thorough inspection to get the ideal vehicle without any significant damage to it. You can hire an expert for the inspection to stay on the safer side. The direct lenders offer affordable interest rates on car loans for bad credit in the UK even for used vehicles.

2. Carpooling

Carpool is an affordable solution for the daily commute to the office. You don’t need to buy a vehicle for travel to work if you have a colleague in the neighborhood. Even someone who works near your office can drop you to share the fuel cost.

It is easier than ever to find a carpool companion with the different applications available in the smartphone’s app store. There are thousands of visitors finding a companion for their trips to the office. You are helping the environment with the reduced number of vehicles on the road.

3. Car Leases

A car lease is the cheaper alternative to buying a car with a new vehicle at your disposal for a long duration. You don’t have to make the down payment or search a lender for the finance. However, it will require a payment near the installments of car finance.

The lease provider will ask whether you want to continue the lease or buy the vehicle after the lease duration. You can easily upgrade the vehicle during the lease with some payment. Check the offers at QuickLoansLender if you are looking for 100% acceptance loans from direct lenders to cover the initial cost of leasing.

4. Public Transport

Public transport is among the cheapest mean of transport for short or long distances. You will have the option to sleep during the journey or work to save time. It reduces the stress of driving with a constant focus on the road.

People should take extra precautions while traveling through public transport after the pandemic. It gets crowded during peak hours, and there is no control over the timing. Therefore, you need to plan the trip to reduce the chances of being late.

5. Bicycle

Bicycle is not the preferred means of transport for long-distance travel. However, you should try it to remain healthy while fast-forwarding the walk to your office. You can also use it for your next visit to the market or stores.

Many employers are promoting the use of bicycles with special offers on the purchase. They may provide one as part of their employee’s health benefits scheme.

6. Walk

Another healthy alternative to cars is the natural mechanism to travel from one place to another. Yes, you should walk instead of using a vehicle to reduce stress and control vital levels. And you don’t have to spend anything to walk.

Though, it is among the slowest form of transport. You can only walk if the office or market is within a few hundred meters. Therefore, it will require moving to a house near the amenities and office to save considerable money on transport.

7. Taxi

Taxis are the traditional method to travel in urban areas if you want to travel fast from one location to another. You don’t have to drive, and there is no maintenance cost involved. You can work while traveling to complete the backlog from the office.

Though, taking a cab to work is not the cost-effective solution for daily travel to work. It is ideal if you work at a remote workplace with a few visits to the office in a month. You can share a cab to save money with the available online applications.

8. Rent a Car

For long distances, the simple solution is to rent a car instead of buying one. You will pay the car owner for the time the car remains in your possession. It is cheaper than the cabs because there are no driver’s charges involved.

However, many car rentals don’t provide insurance for the damage during the rent period. You will remain liable to pay for the expensive repairs in case of an accident. Therefore, check the terms and compare the prices to get the best deals on car rentals.


To sum up, a car is an asset that people should have for emergencies and spontaneous plans with loved ones. You don’t have to rely on other people to travel from one place to another. However, it is recommended to avoid the purchase if you can manage the travel requirements with the alternatives.