Stripper Costume: What to Choose and How to Wear To Rock the Stage

stripper suits

If you are in a stripping career, exotic dancewear is not new for you. If you are considering this non-stop and highly paid career, there are a few things you should consider.

In this guide, we will talk step by step to help you stand out from the crowd and rock the stage. 

Let’s Start With Stripper Costume:

Costumes are represented to complement the song and make uniformity among the dancers. When the right stripper costume is selected, it enhances the performance, fits the theme, and does not hinder the dancer’s movement. And for strippers who have to perform pole dance, sexy exotic dancewear with comfort plays an important role. It helps to empower your performance.

Some Leads to Keep In Mind before Purchasing Stripper Costume:

  • Don’t Go With Simple
  • Choose neon colors and lace designs
  • Sustainability and flexibility of the organization
  • Find an easy to open outfit (avoid complicated)
  • Invest in good quality (if you have a minimum budget, switch to the Like Dancewear online store)
  • Comfort is your priority
  • Don’t forget your taste – try something that you think makes you feel sexy

Stripper Costume That You Should Try:


If you are a newbie and want your wild adventures on the dance floor, dresses are the perfect stripper costume. Dresses come in different styles and varieties to create your art the way you like it.

Come On! Let’s Explore A Few Of:

Lace Fishnet Dress: 

A hot lace fishnet dress with rhinestone embellishments comes on the top of the list. This one is the preferable choice for most strippers. It is because of its extreme comfort, breathable, and designed to skim the body when worn. 

How to Style: To get a sexy casual style, you can quickly wear it with stripper heels and pleasure boots.

Oversized Robe:

This sheer and feather extravagant oversized robe never goes wrong for a more chic and attractive look or if you feel a little awkward showing your body. This sexy costume feather robe is made with soft sheer chiffon and has plush fur. Plus, they come in different color collections to choose from. 

How to Style: Please Adore-Close Back Ankle Cuff Sandals are the perfect choice for footwear with an oversized robe. It gives you a more elegant and sexy look. 

Confetti Dress:

Love fringes? Spaghetti strap fringe confetti dress comes with front and back fringes with straps backless curve low cut. The confetti fringe minidress exudes fun and gives off ethereal vibes. You must try this. 

How to Style: You can pair it with thigh-high boots. But if you want to grab a sexy appearance on the stage, then platform open-toe heels are perfect. It enhances your leg’s appearance. Spice up your look with the best stripper platforms.


After dresses, one-pieces are the second better choice for the newbies and the all-time choice for the experienced. Let’s talk about some of the styles:


When it comes to one-piece, rhinestone embellished thong back monokini is probably shop bought by every exotic dancer. Thong set with rhinestone embellished design comes with tied straps with tassel gem details around the waist detachable soft pad cups covering the breast. As they are available in diverse colors, you have choices to choose from.

How to Style: You can style this with stripper heels, 7″ Heel, 3″ Textured Platform Open Toe, heel ankle boot, and many more. It gives you moderate bottom coverage. 


Nothing says sexy like a revealing teddy, bodysuit, or romper! This is the most stylish and attractive easy to wear stripper costume. It shows off your curves in a form-fitting catsuit. These long sleeve bodysuits are specially made of stretchy, breathable sheer fabric. Whatever your mood or size, one size fits all.

How to Style: Sexy heeled shoes create an attractive look in your sexy outfits. From any online store, you can buy heels and a bodysuit easily. If you are still confused about where to shop, search the exotic clothing store near me and go with the top searches!


You can go for a sexy stretchy halter neck romper with geometric shapes if you want something more sophisticated and attractive. The sexy bodycon romper is made of high-quality faux leather; it is very soft and comfortable to wear. 

How to Style: PF marabou fur ankle cuff sandal or platform open toe ankle boot is an excellent way to style a romper. It makes you look very sexy and attractive.


Two-piece dancewear is an absolute necessity when you want to look like you walked out of a Hollywood saga and rock the dance floor. Some of the two-piece collection includes:

Two-piece set with pasties and thong: 

Want to make the moment hot and set up to sweat? Reusable cross pasties and thong with a vinyl design is the perfect option. This two-piece faux leather playset has a sexy peek at a boo halter worn with pasties. Try once and show your naughty side. 

Strappy Bikini:

One of the sexiest stripper costumes features beautiful colors that show your passionate side. They are provocative, flirty, and inviting, with styles that mold and flex the body. This multi-color strappy bikini thong and top are perfect for black light, strip clubs, and pole dancers. 

In this post, we try to explore more and more options. However, the list is endless. You can explore different stores to shop for sexy stripper costumes as per your preferences if you want to buy sexy stripper costumes.