Small Luxuries To Amp Up Your Personality


Hey! Do you remember that ‘High School Musical’ guy- Zac Effron? He says- “When I’m stylizing, it’s all about accessories.”

How many of you feel the same way? I’m sure a lot! Splurging on these small luxuries can make your small wardrobe feel big. Besides, accessories can help a great deal in reducing environmental impact. Wondering what’s the big deal about ‘accessories’?

They maximize the effect with minimum effort. Accessories are capable alone in adding a sense of uniqueness to your style, which you may not always get just in clothes. The right accessory can give you a quirky look in the limited edition of your wardrobe.

After immense research and analyzing expert advice, we have compiled a list of accessories that can lift your mood in any outfit. Read on to know more!


What could be better than a pair of chic sunglasses to boost your glam quotient? These pairs up perfectly with any outfit and are one of the must-have accessories. These sunglasses not only add to your fashion statement but perfectly hides the fact that you are not wearing eye makeup. Just like other accessories, a pair of sunnies can make your outdoors a little bit more comfortable while turning a few heads towards you. Isn’t that amazing!

Sunglass Cases

Well, if you have made a good splurge on your favorite sunnies, then you must have something to protect your investment, right? To boost the longevity of your sunglasses by protecting them from scratches you need to get a sunglasses case. Worry not! You get plenty of options, starting from hard and softcover to zip and snap opening. 

You would be surprised to even know that these sunglass cases render incredible designs and print and do not take much space in your handbag. If you are ready for a good investment in sunglasses then investing a little more in sunglass cases is worth it. 


Some fashion accessories serve dual purposes and hats are one of those. They look fantastic and are great for dealing with your sunburn issues. A hat with a brim can protect your skin and eyes from harmful sun rays and makes your outdoor moments way more comfortable.

Selecting the right kind may be a question for you. Well, follow the latest fashion trends to deal with such confusion. Expert advice recommends straw hats for summer and fedora hats for winters. Most importantly, choose the right color to suit your skin tone as it sits close to your face. 

Hair Accessories

Clips, pins, scrunchies, and whatnot! There are a good number of these little hair accessories that add great effects to your looks no matter where you are heading to. Even if it is not your everyday preference, adding these to your accessory list would help you to get the best out of your appearance on special occasions.


Do you feel adding outrageous jewelry to your accessory list would be a bit extravagant? Absolutely not! Earring is a great accessory that helps you to get a bold look instantly with any outfit. You can experiment to any extent on these little fashion accessories to amplify your looks. As per expert advice trying out different earnings on each ear would get you a quirky look.


A wise selection of footwear paired up with other accessories can certainly add a subtle effect to your overall look. Be a little inventive while choosing your desired footwear. Animal printed shoes may seem weird but pairing them up with similarly printed scarves could add to your glamour. Even riding boots and work boots have been approved by fashionistas as great styling accessories. A simple dress aided with the right and trendy footwear can help reinvent your style statement.


These are one of the most underrated fashion accessories. Whether vintage dancers of the 60s or Hollywood celebs of the 80s, the belt has been a part of celebrating femininity by highlighting the curves. Belts are a great accessory that gives your waistline prominence. Doll yourself with a plush satin gown with a belt embellished with stones or pearls for a party to amp up your look. Moreover, pairing up your casual look with a chunky belt would be much fun.

Final Verdict!

Accessories don’t need specific brands to highlight their features. Moreover, it’s not always affordable to change your wardrobe every season. Compounding these accessories with your existing wardrobe would save a lot of your money. Go ahead and make your accessory list of the season!