Silver and Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewelry: What to Know Before you Buy


When it comes to accessorizing, jewelry is always on the top list. It completes your overall look and brings that needed charm to the dress. Adorning your look with jewelry makes you look elegant, unique, and subtle yet royal at the same time. It is because of this, women appreciate multiple types of jewelry in their wardrobes. They love to stack up to different colors, metals, gemstones, or types to pair them up with every possible type of outfit. 

Since buying real gold or diamond can be expensive, a better option is to go for silver and semi-precious gemstone jewelry. Varieties and color options are a boon in such jewelry and one can opt for necklaces, bracelets, rings, or earrings. Since this jewelry is required to be paired up with multiple types of outfits on various occasions, certain points should be kept in mind before buying these:

 1) Know the exact difference: 

You must know the exact difference between semi-precious and precious gemstones. Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are considered precious gemstones. Semi-precious stones came into being when amethyst was discovered in large quantities in South America, which differentiated precious and semi-precious stones. Semi-precious stones look beautiful and elegant; it’s not about the quality but about the quantity which created the difference in prices.

2) Color of the gemstone: 

The color of the gemstone plays a significant role before you purchase them. Try to pick up a universal color that suits most outfits. Moreover, color has a lot to do with the quality of the gemstone also. For example, gemstones like Tourmaline come in various colors and varieties. Brush up your mind beforehand, whether you want to go for olive, rubellite, watermelon, chrome, or any other specific requirement.

3) Inclusions: 

Many gemstones do not have that eye sparkling shine. This is because of some inclusions inside the gemstone. These inclusions are inbuilt in the stone and cannot be removed. Lesser inclusion gives more shine and hence the prices are higher.

4) Hardness: 

Before buying these stones, look for their hardness. A hardness of 7 or higher is considered the best. If you’re purchasing jewelry for daily use, considering hardness is a must. Amethyst, Citrine, Topaz are some examples of gemstones that look beautiful and are hard enough. These are even more expensive than other gemstones, so if you’ve budget constraints you can consider some others with lesser hardness.

5) Type of jewelry: 

Silver and semi-precious gemstones go well with many types of jewelry, be it necklaces, bracelets, rings, or earrings. Clear up your mind beforehand on the type of jewelry. Women usually love to buy a necklace, whereas men love to go for rings. It all depends on the choice and the outfit. Moreover, at times it also depends on the variety available with the seller.

6) Quality of the silver: 

Know the quality of the silver before buying. Try to purchase good quality, polished silver, having shined so that it lasts long. Many pieces of jewelry in semi-precious stones come in normal metals. This reduces the overall charm of the piece and makes it look dull eventually. Hence, always confirm with the seller whether the silver is of good quality or is it just a normal metal having the precious stone embedded inside it.

7) Type of outfit: 

Before buying a silver semi-precious gemstone, you must know about the outfit with which you wish to wear it. Normally western outfits are more color-dependent due to their being of specific and typical color. Moreover, on western outfits, sleek and thin neck chains or bracelets goes well. However, with deeper necks or sleeveless, you can always go for heavy neckpieces, earrings, or bracelets.

8) Gemstone cut: 

Look out for the cut of the gemstone before buying the custom jewelry. Various gemstones have a particular shape and design which cannot be altered. For example, Opal, a type of semi-precious gemstone, is always round or oval and cannot be altered. It is because the overall look of the stone gets ruined. But on the other hand, amethyst can be cut into various shapes and is even harder, and has that extra luster.

9) Lucky charms: 

These gemstones are even considered auspicious. Many of these bring luck and have different significance. For example, 

a) Peridot gemstone, which clears your mind, increases positive energy in you and brings in money. 

b) Pyrite increases vitality, money and increases your enthusiasm for life. 

c) Amethyst, which brings in good luck and helps in tougher times. It balances and neutralizes the effect of negative energy and helps to restore the much-required peace and energy.

d) Citrine: This gemstone brings in good luck, health, money, and prosperity. The dazzle of the gemstone clears up all the hurdles in your life and brings home all goods which you deserve. 

e) Sapphire: The royal color which it has, looks extravagant and luxurious and people are always attracted towards it. It helps to restore the lost wealth and brings in money.

10) The LOC rule: 

The basic rule to follow before you purchase a dress, accessory, footwear, or anything else, the LOC rule. Location, Occasion, and Company are what you’ve to look for before buying a silver semi-precious gemstone. If it is a formal meet, consider going for a single colored thin neckpiece having Amethyst or maybe Citrine or you can even go for a sleek finish chained bracelet. Similarly, if it’s a party or a more casual occasion, you can always go for heavier jewelry be it necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. Multicolored gemstones like Tourmaline would look elegant on dresses and would bring in that grace and extra charm you wish to carry at a party.

11) Purity: 

Look for the purity of the gemstone and silver individually. Sterling silver is always a great option as it is pure and does not tarnish on regular usage. Similarly, the gemstone can eventually become dull if it is not of original quality.

12) Maintenance: 

A tip to consider- If you’re looking for something for daily use try to keep that piece simple. Jewelry pieces having intricate design details or many cuts always invite those dirt and oil stains inside them which increases the maintenance needs of the piece. Go for sturdy and sleek finish jewelry which can be cleaned up easily.

13) Weight: 

Heavier pieces can cost you more, but give you that extra luster and charm. Similarly, thin jewelry pieces, look sleek and modern and even cost you less. Look for the weight of the piece before buying. It all depends on your taste and preferences.

People love to accessorize themselves and look perfect on every occasion. Many of them even love to stack up as many as possible according to different outfits and occasions. Those who are considering buying something in bulk or something of super unique design can always look up jewelry manufacturers in the UK. They can help you buy the perfect piece for you which you can keep for ages to adorn. Manufacturers can help you directly to satisfy your needs and preferences and bring in the best piece which you deserve.