10 Scary Halloween looks for Men

Scary Halloween Looks for Men

Sticky fingers, tired feet; One Last House Trick or Treat!” Does this quote remind you of something? Yes! One a few days left for the most haunted yet celebrated festival, Halloween. Dressing up like a scary weirdo is what we wait for the whole year long. It is already October, have you decided which costume to wear on this 31st?

Here are some ideas that you can try on to make your Halloween fulfilled and scary.

  1. Pennywise Costume – It

With the recent release of the movie IT-Chapter 2 and the fan following of Pennywise; the clown, it is quite obvious that this character is going to be a hotshot this Halloween. You can find all kinds of Pennywise clown costumes and other Halloween costumes on the website of Lime Crime. Search for the best coupons for good deals and discounts.

  1. Haunting Scarecrow Costume

A scarecrow that scares away more than just crows. The famous character of the scarecrow from the TV adaptation of R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour is a fantastic costume idea this Halloween.

  1. Freakshow Clown Costume

Twisty, the Clown from the famous American series Freak Show can be an awesome idea for Halloween costume. If you wish to scare everyone at the party then go for this creepy costume.

  1. Michael Myers Costume – Rob Zombie

Slay like the most iconic slaughterer in the Michael Myers costume! The classic horror criminal makes for the ideal Halloween party look. It is a perfect killer pick for the fans of the Rob Zombie remake and the John Carpenter movie. Dice and slice in style with this eerie brown boiler suit.

  1. Reaper Costume – Overwatch

You can travel amidst the shadows of the battlefield as you bleed dry the life of your enemies and suit up in the costume of the reaper. Do not forget to put on the Reaper’s signature skull-like mask. Dress up you’re like your favorite Overwatch character and let everyone know that death walks among them.

  1. Yumian Pig Head Mask

This Yumian Pig Head Mask is sure to give anyone the creeps, whether or not they are familiar with the reference from the movie ‘Saw’ or not, because it is an exact replica. You are sure to leave an impression at any party you wear this to. And the best part is that it is that goes with any outfit you choose to wear.

  1. Warlock Costume

Are you one of those warlock nerds or really into whacky wizard stories? Then this is perhaps the best option for you. It comes with a vest, a shirt and a cool robe that makes you look like a deadly wizard who has all kinds of spells up these sleeves.

  1. Big Tongue Head Mask

Sometimes scary is just any ridiculously simple amalgamation of the most hideous things you can think of. Imagine you put the monster from the movie Doom and that ugly creature from Resident Evil in a mixer and gave it’s motor a nice whirl, the result would be this Big Tongue Head Mask. It has sharp teeth, a long tongue that in itself is an anatomical anomaly and has its brains hanging out from one side. It seems fun, doesn’t it?

  1. Red Suit Devil Costume

No Halloween party is complete without an appearance from the evilest guy around town, the Fallen Angel. This Red Suit Devil Costume is a modern take on his appearance with red pants and suit and to complete the appearance you have a headpiece with horns. All you need is a pitchfork and some red face paint and you are ready to rock the Horned Beast look at any party.

  1. Chucky Costume

Remember that creepy doll that loved to kill? Yes, we are talking about the famous Chucky. Now you get a chance to dress up as him with this Adult Chucky Costume. Carry a weapon of your choice and jump out from behind your friends to give them a good scare.

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