Kayali Perfumes, A Blend of Scents, Culture, and Luxury

kayali perfume

The Kayali perfume brand has been at the forefront of the perfume making industry. Its founder, Mona Kattan is a public figure and also has a famous sister. Mona’s aim of creating the brand is to produce a blend of luxury and fragrance that is rich in history.

What makes this brand that manufactures special scents that leave long-lasting impressions popular? This article will delve into everything you need to know about Kayali perfumes.

Kayali Origin

The idea behind Kayali originated from the Middle East, since its creator, Mona, was inspired by the continent. However, the perfumes are made in France. Mona came from the Middle East and was used to the way the people layered different fragrances. This gave her the idea to start a perfume brand in 2018, as she has always been interested in making perfumes from scratch.

The Meaning Behind The name

Kayali is an Arabic word, meaning, “my imagination”, which shows Mona’s thoughtfulness and creativity in choosing the name. Despite its origin, Mona has proven that her brand is all about diversity as she has collaborated with various perfume makers.

Her goal is to use the best ingredients with the help of other experienced perfumers to produce unforgettable fragrances. According to Mona, Kayali isn’t only about producing perfumes.

It is about making long-lasting impressions, evoking memories and emotions, and creating beautiful moods with just your imaginations. Mona succeeded, and her perfumes last long, have special scents, and are plant-based.

What Scents Are The Perfumes Made Of?

Kayali perfumes don’t have one specific scent, rather, they are a mixture of many fragrances. Some popular scents you will perceive from Kayali bottles are, musky, floral, fruity, and woody scents. This gives customers the chance to select any fragrance of their choice. Likewise, the perfumes have jewelled bottles that give products a luxurious and chic look.

Kayali Perfumes


Mona has several bottles under the Kayali perfume brand. They are specially crafted with the best materials to make perfumes enclosed in beautiful bottles. This makes Kayali perfumes the ideal gift for anyone. To be specific, Kayali has manufactured over 20 scents for its global customers. A few of them will be mentioned below:

Lovefest Burning Cherry 48

Cherry, in short form, is more sultry and spicy than Vanilla28. The first smell that comes from the bottle when you open it is a cherry odor. This is then followed by woody, smoky, and others. The fragrance is so addictive, it will make you buy more once you use up the first bottle. As a result, Cherry48 is more known to be a wild and seductive perfume.


Patchouli Cherries Balsam (from Peru) Wood (guaiac) Tonka beans Jasmine Praline Rose (damask) Heliotrope Raspberries Bergamot

When To Wear It

As it is a seductive fragrance, wear it in the evening time when you are having dinner or on dates. On the other hand, you can spray it on if you decide to make it your daily perfume.

Patchouli 64

More like Vanilla28, but sweeter and sensual than it is, Patchouli64 is an exotic blend of herbs and flowers. But you can instantly smell the vanilla and rum ingredients once you open the bottle.

What is Patchouli64 Made of?

Patchouli Vanilla Gourmand Jasmine Musk Tonka beans Creme brulee Amber Sugar (brown) Rum (golden) Flowers Spices

When To Use It


Just like other Kayali perfumes, this one can be used if you have a dinner date or night outs. However, unlike others, this Kayali perfume is more suitable in the evenings or at nights. That means it is better not to pick it as an everyday fragrance.

Eden Juicy Apple 01

This product leans more towards a floral, fruity, and vibrant scent. It is easily identifiable with its catchy red and gold bottle. The bottle itself can be on display as an ornament on your makeup desk because it’s aesthetically stunning.


Jasmine Vanilla Moss Amber Sugar Musk Rose Raspberry Black currant Grapefruits (pink) Apple (red) Litchi

Usage Time

You can apply this perfume at any time of the day. It has produced subtle scents compared to the rest of the perfumes. Although it isn’t as spicy as others, you can layer it with one or two other fragrances.

Vanilla 28

This Kayali perfume, as its name implies, is primarily based on vanilla scent. It is one of the most sought-after perfumes in the Kayali collection.

Vanilla28 has a sensual and sexy smell that makes it ideal for a romantic night out or date. It got its name from the number of times it took to formulate this perfect, but complicated fragrance.

When To Spray It On


Due to its versatility, you can wear vanilla28 in the daytime, and at night. Since many people love the vanilla smell, thousands of Kayali buyers opt for this product. The odor is quite captivating and attention grabbing. Additionally, you can layer Vanilla28 with other perfumes.


Tonka (from Brazil) Vanilla (made from vanilla flowers from Madagascar) Gourmand Jasmine Amber woods Brown sugar Musk Patchouli


In summary, purchasing a Kayali perfume will be a wise decision that leaves you with no regret. The brand has a variety of perfumes made to suit the different tastes of various customers.

Furthermore, if you prefer to use two or more scents, you may purchase other Kayali perfumes and layer them together. To get a Kayali product, you can shop for Kayali perfumes online or at any physical shops that have them.