Common Types of Jewelry Repairs Undertaken by the Jewelers

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Some jewelry pieces are very delicate. They are made sensitive to give you a royal look you would want to have with beautiful jewelry. When a piece of jewelry gets damaged, it is a wise step to get it repaired to a reputable jewelry repair shop as soon as possible. It is done to prevent further damage to the additional stones, links, or before other decorative elements fall off and get lost. Ensure that you collect all loose pieces so that the jeweler can use them in the repair.

Here Are Some Of The Types Of Jewelry Repairs That Are Undertaken By The Jewelers:

  1. Sizing Of The Ring

It is effortless for a jeweler to tight the ring than making it lose. Generally, the jeweler cuts out a small portion of the band and adjusts according to the size by replacing the pieces together. There are two methods of ring enlargement, and those are the stretching method and the soldering of the additional piece to the existing band.

  1. Replacing Or Re-Tipping Ring Prong

When the part of the prong is still intact, it requires re-tipping. This method requires the jeweler to add a tiny bit of metal bead or wire to the top to strengthen the hold. The entire replacement process is similar to re-tipping; the only difference is that the jeweler requires long pieces of wire or metal bead to create a new prong.

  1. Ring Head/Setting Replacement

Ring head can become weak or may even get bent or damaged due to rough or regular use. The jeweler first ascertains the need to replace the head, if he feels that the removal of head is necessary then only he suggests doing so. The existing head is heated and cut off with the saw and torch, and a new crown is placed in its place to replace the head.

  1. Chain Repair

Light and delicate chains are prone to break or get damaged because the strings used to attach the chains are too tiny and thin. Over time with the daily use of the chain, it can break, and quick jewelry cleaning services can repair it by attaching a similar string to it or joining the existing two series and then soldering it.

  1. Clasp Replacement

The clasp replacement of a broken necklace is straightforward to repair. With the help of the pliers, the strings are pulled apart, and a new clasp is attached, removing the old one.

  1. Stone Replacement

Many people get bored of wearing the same stone; it is also possible that they may want to replace the rock as it has become dull or chipped or cracked over time. Stone replacement involves replacing the existing stone with a new one.

  1. Cleaning And Polishing

It is the most common repair type where customers bring in their precious jewelry to either clean or polish, and this is a type of same-day jewelry repair services in Amherst, NY. Metals like gold and silver tend to get dull with time. It is not that frequent, but in a decade, it surely does. To regain the original shine of the jewelry, people opt to polish it. Also, cleaning of fine jewelry is recommended to be done only by professionals as they are the best to perform cleaning considering the jewelry type.

  1. Pearl Restringing

Pearl necklaces are gorgeous and are attached to their string very tightly. But continuous use may loosen the line and lead to breakage of the chain. It may make the pearl to come out of the chain. And hence to restring it again, jewelers have correct tools.

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Here Are Several Factors You Need To Consider Before Purchasing Precious Jewelry:

  1. Warranties

When purchasing jewelry, you may want to know whether it has a warranty or a lifetime guarantee and if you would get the opportunity to buy an extended warranty to cover certain types of repairs. Some jewelers may offer a lifetime annual inspection and cleaning.

  1. Costs

Several factors are considered for the value of the repairs. The price may be waived off if the jewelry is under warranty. Factors like difficulty level, cost of parts, and time to get a fast fix, affect the costs of repairs.

  1. Preventative Jewelry

The regular wear jewelry like rings can benefit from an inspection and cleaning twice a year to prevent the damage that occurs over time due to normal wear and tear. Along with cleaning and polishing, a jeweler can check on the overall condition of the jewelry piece to ensure stones are not falling and clasps are not bent.


Jewelers often offer expert watch repairs to precious watches. Before going for jewelry repair store, know all the facts about your jewelry piece and give the exact information to the jeweler for the kind of repair you are expecting.