Hair Coloring at Home: Thing to Know Before-Hand

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Apart from all the major changes I’ve seen occurring in people’s lives, the funniest and probably the most peculiar one would be to go through a major hair makeover. With people who’re rocking it will have colored locks and shaved heads to those who’ve had a flop with improperly cut bangs and patchy dye, there’s nothing we haven’t seen during this quarantine.

We have 15 years old with rainbow-colored hair to ‘stand out’, then we have college students cutting their long hair out of frustration and indecisiveness or even just for the heck of it. From those whose perm went wrong enough to make them like George Washington to those rocking Ariana Grande ponytails and Halsey’s iconic looks.

Despite everything, the biggest fad this season has been hair dye. And if done right, the stunning results can blow your mind away. Thus, today with 1 Gravity reviews, here is a compilation of all you need to know when coloring your hair at home.

Trust A Reliant Source

Ah yes, the deceiving little smile of the pretty woman on the covers of your favorite magazine. Those striking colors dyed perfectly that drew your attention, making you wonder what you’d look like in that beautiful and mystique shade of blue or how your blue eyes would complement your brunette hair once dyed the shade of blonde. As wondrous as it is to think of your hair transformation, rely on sources that are actually helpful. And no, the model on the magazine cover and the neighbor’s daughter do not count.  

Pick The Right Shade

Alright, so maybe you’re going for strong, bold, red hair which gives you a feeling of empowerment. However, do you know the shade you’re going for? Yes, it’s just as important to research your hues beforehand. Look for color palettes that guide you on how a particular shade would work for a particular hair shade, you may already have. Also, if you’re opting for permanent dye, pick a shade that is a little darker. And when going for a semi-permanent or temporary dye, pick the lighter side of the color you’re going for. 

Evaluate Your Hair Length

.. Here we are… At the step most people skip, only to regret it later. One of the most important things to do after choosing your shade and making a trip to buy the hair color is to check the length of your hair. If you have long hair, it’s even more important because nobody wants to see you walk in with half your hair bleached asking for more hair dye. Not just the fact that insufficient product will give an unfinished result, but if not picked at the same time, you might end up with different shades of color in your hair making you look like a palette, quite a weird one. Grab more than just one box to ensure full coverage.

Consider your hair texture

Along with evaluating your hair length, an important factor would be to assess your hair type or hair texture as well. Hair type analysis is as important in dyeing as it would be when getting a haircut. Thus, remember that coarse, curly, frizzy, or unruly hair gives it an ashier or slightly bluish look since they soak up color sooner. But, fine to medium hair textures don’t absorb color as easily which will tint the hair in a slightly warmer tone when you add dye, giving it orange, red, or copper undertones.

Post-Dye Hair Care

Finally, you’re done. You’ve got a stunning new look and you know compliments are ready to be thrown at you right as you step outside. Time to sprint out the door? Uhm, we don’t think so. Once you’ve washed out the day, it is necessary to condition your hair well. Not just that, maintain your hair well after that and nourish them as well as you can.

Voila! There you go, that’s all you need to know beforehand. And just remember, you are gorgeous as you are and we appreciate every step you take in order to express yourself. 1 Gravity Reviews wishes you all the best with all that you want to achieve. Good day!