Bracelet Sizing – How to Measure Wrist Size for a Perfect Fit


Their area unit several things one may run into if your bracelet band doesn’t match firmly on your wrist joint. Think about a state of affairs wherever you’re attending an elaborate party. You’re carrying a custom-tailored fitted dress, however, your bracelet band is simply too giant an activity, your stunning, luxury measuring instrument beneath your French cut. Otherwise, you have extensively planned a girls’ weekend trekking through the Mab desert and inhabitation on a rock face once your bracelet band gets caught on a rock whereas rappelling down a drop, a spring pin breaks, and your favorite bracelet falls to its death. Or in an associate degree everyday state of affairs, what if your bracelet is simply too tight and is removing your circulation to your hand throughout a vital committee meeting and you fidget the complete time trying inexpertly. 

These things could appear extreme, however, they supported reality. The fact is, you wish to safeguard your measuring instrument investment therefore it will stand up to take a look at your time.  

Making sure your bracelet band fits your wrist joint is crucial to your bracelet’s sturdiness and searching place along at the identical time. It’s unbelievably simple to live with your wrist joint to create certain you have got the right acceptable any band sort and any state of affairs, whether or not it’s vogue, usefulness, or journey. 

MEASURING schoolwork  

In this very little DIY, you’ll get to leave your wrist joint because of the baseline therefore you’ll comprehend your size in every one of the 3 variations of straps. All straps aren’t created identically and sit otherwise on the wrist joint, however, we’ll break all that down. 

Three main kinds of straps or bands: 

  • Metal Bracelet 
  • NATO Strap 
  • Leather Strap 

The easiest thanks to living your wrist joint size are with a versatile mensuration tape, known as needlewomen or a tailor’s mensuration tape. This area unit is out there within the stitching section of most massive box stores or out there available online. If you do not have access to a tailor’s tape, the simplest thanks to improvising are with a slim piece of paper or a string and a typical ruler. 

Most bracelet strap measurements area units are given in millimeters, therefore for these functions, we’ll use the centimeter aspect of our mensuration tape or ruler to create our measurements. 

A couple of things to keep in mind while measuring your wrist joint.  

Your wrist joint goes to be a touch larger at the top of the day as critical as the start as your body retains water throughout the day. 

Your wrist joint goes to be slightly larger after your hand and palm area unit open because the os adjusts once you create this movement. 

You will get to take into consideration your preference once it involves wherever you wish to wear your bracelet on your wrist joint and live that section consequently. For our functions, we tend to area units progressing to take our measurements within the middle and on the bone. 

  • Above the bone 
  • On the bone 
  • Below the bone 

Lastly, you will need to contemplate which kind of band you will be carrying your bracelet with. The right measurement of your strap can vary looking at the variety of bands you’ll be carrying. 

HOW TO live YOUR wrist joint PROPERLY 

With your palm open and also the face of your wrist joint facing up, take your tailor’s tape, place the top with the metal basketball shot in the middle of your wrist joint, and pull the tape over your wrist joint until it fits comfortably. Line up the tip of the metal with the mensuration that sits the nearest to the tape. You will notice it most snug to travel ahead and loop the tape, slide it over your wrist joint and so pull the tape snuggly down to the metal tip. Write this measurement down in centimeters. To calculate millimeters, their area unit is ten millimeters in an exceeding centimeter. Ten times the number of centimeters and the amount of millimeters over the last centimeter in your mensuration equals your wrist joint mensuration in centimeters. 


If you do not have a tailor’s tape, your piece of paper or string will operate in just about identical manner. Wrap the paper or string around your wrist joint and mark with a pen or marker wherever the 2 items overlap. Then take your piece of paper or string and live mark to mark on your ruler. 

  • Place face of the wrist joint goes about. 
  • Open up your palm to widen your wrist joint. 
  • Place the metal finish of tailor’s tape within the center of your wrist joint. 
  • Pull the tape over your wrist joint to wherever it fits comfortably. 
  • Line up the tape with the metal finish piece and browse the mensuration in centimeters. 
  • A quick Google conversion for the millimeters 

This measurement takes into consideration the rough size of your wrist joint with your bracelet face, however, some minor changes are required.  


Now that you just recognize the dimensions of your wrist joint, it’s time to translate it into your bracelet band size. I’ve chosen the 3 main different kinds of bracelet bands, as these bands area unit all worn with different tightness in mind.  

Metal Bracelet or Band   

Metal bands area unit is the foremost fluid of the bands and the area unit wore a touch looser to supply simple movement throughout the day. We provide an intensive assortment of metal bands at Jack Mason–take a glance at our full stock of metal bracelet bracelets! The rule of thumb which will offer you enough slack in your metal bracelet is that the bracelet and the bracelet face ought to be one centimeter larger than your wrist joint measurement.  

You can take this measurement of a bracelet and metal bracelet you already own by wrapping the mensuration tape like however, you measured your wrist joint and within the closed band. This could offer you a reasonably correct reading of the measurement of your metal bracelet, and you may then recognize if you wish to feature or take away a link to supply you with the most comfort. 

Leather Bracelet   

An animal skin band has the smallest {amount} amount of providing and will be stiffer if it’s spanking new animal skin. Two types of mensuration of the strap to understand if an animal skin strap will suit your wrist joint. 

Is the strap already put in on your bracelet? 

Are you buying straps and have to put them in them? 

If your strap has already been put in on your bracelet face, then it’s gravy from there. Merely live from the top of the buckle all the manner down the bracelet. The rule of thumb on an animal skin bracelet that fits comfortably and provides you a touch movement is that the leather band ought to be nearly 2 centimeters longer than your wrist joint measurement. 

If your strap isn’t put in on your bracelet face, you’re progressing to got to live your bracelet face and add in this mensuration. Hold your bracelet face on its aspect and live from one spring puncture to the opposite. This is often the measurement of the face of your bracelet.  

Now leave the short strap of your bracelet from the rock bottom of the buckle to the spring puncture. Live the long finish of the strap from the spring puncture to the second or third hole on the bracelet band. Add the 3 measurements along. An Identical rule of thumb applies: there ought to be a two-centimeter distinction from the bracelet menstruation to your wrist joint measurement for a decent comfortable match with simply enough area for movement. 

NATO Strap or Band   

Measuring for the international organization strap is comparatively simple because of its single piece of fabric construction. However, your bracelet’s face sits up slightly from the rear of your wrist joint because of the enduring style of the international organization strap. The additional material of the 2 sections of your strap that your bracelet face is rib through should be taken into consideration. The rule of thumb with an international organization strap is that it ought to take off to be a full-in. Or two .5 centimeters larger than your wrist joint measurement to account for this rise in the bracelet face.  

Simply add two.5 centimeters to your wrist joint mensuration and lay your international organization strap flat, undertake our extremely rated Black Nylon international organization strap for one thing sturdy and unending. Live from rock bottom of the buckle, and across to the opposite aspect of the long aspect of the strap is regarding five centimeters longer than your wrist joint measurement, you’re sensible to travel. With a classic international organization strap, the fabric on the opposite aspect of the bracelet faces fairly long so it will be rib back and thru the rings. However, some up-to-date straps have buckle holes similar to an animal skin strap, therefore there once more; you’ll need your menstruation to succeed in the second or third buckle hole to be snug. 

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