Bella Contact Lenses Collection Review

Bella Contact Lenses

Bella Contact lenses come in a variety of collections that offer different styles for different looks. Some of them have a natural vibe, while others are more out there. These colored contact lenses are particularly famous in the Middle East, Europe, Australia, UK, and Canada. Besides, you can buy an affordable Bella lenses price in Pakistan within your budget.

Bella Elite Lenses

The Elite collection is the best-seller from the entire range with eight natural hues. This collection launched back in 2017 and instantly became a favorite. Also, this range carries different tones, including blue, brown, gray, hazel, and green. These natural-looking lenses are perfect for anyone who loves a subtle look. The top-selling shades are Gray Beige, Sandy Gray, and Sandy Brown at a low Bella Elite Lenses Price in Pakistan.

Bella One Day Lenses

Now you can change your eye lens color every day with Bella One Day lenses. These daily contact lenses are suitable for one-time use only. Bella One Day Collection comes in a variety of shades for every skin tone. Some of the best-selling colors of this collection are Crystal, Gray, Hazelnut, Beige, and Blue. Also, this whole range comes with a limbal ring to accentuate the eyes.

Bella Natural Lenses

The unique shades in this collection combine two different tones for a fabulous look. Also, a defined pupil opening gives the illusion of natural lenses. These contacts come in subtle tones of brown and hazel, gray and green, blue and yellow. Also, the vivid combination of colors offers high opacity because of the pigmentation. Some top-selling Bella Natural Lenses shades include Cool Hazel, Green, Gray-Blue, and Green Yellow.

Bella Highlight Lenses

The delicate shades of Bella Highlight come with a thick and prominent limbal ring. Also, the gradient accents around the pupil hole make the eyes appear enlarged. These contact lenses are suitable to make your eyes appear more prominent. Besides, the natural tone of these lenses blends seamlessly with your eye shade to give a subtle finish. The popular shades of this collection are Highlight Circle Brown and Highlight Circle Gray.

Bella Glow Lenses

The bright tones combine with subtle tones in the Bella Glow lenses collection. Eight shades from this range feature a limbal ring. This outer ring adds an enhancing effect to the eyes and makes them appear brighter. Also, this collection stands true to its name as it adds a glowy effect to the eyes. The popular shades are available from this range are Caramel Gray, Navy Gray, Radiant Hazelnut, Husky Gray Green, and several others at Glasses Mart.

Bella Diamond Lenses

The lighter tones and bright colors have a trendy outlook and come in seven stunning shades. These optical eye frames highlight the eyes with an enlarging effect. The top-selling shades from the Bella contact lenses diamond collection are Glitter Gray, Allure Blonde, Brown Shadow, and Gray Green. Also, this range offers a glittering and bright effect to the eyes.