White Chicks 2 – Will the Wayans Brothers Return for a Sequel?


The comedy movie “White Chicks,” released in 2004 and starring the Wayans brothers, Marlon and Shawn, has become a beloved film despite not being well-received by critics at first. The movie has gained a devoted fan base over the years and is now considered a cult classic.

In “White Chicks,” the Wayans brothers played undercover FBI agents who dressed up as white women to solve a kidnapping case. The film used humor to make fun of societal norms at the time, although it was controversial at times. Because of its success and lasting popularity, there have been discussions about making a sequel called “White Chicks 2.” Fans and cast members have shown interest in revisiting the world of Kevin and Marcus Copeland, the undercover agents from the first film.

However, there are challenges in making a sequel, mainly related to the extensive makeup and prosthetics needed for the Wayans brothers to transform into their characters.  This article explores the ongoing talks and progress surrounding “White Chicks 2.”

The Original ‘White Chicks’ and Its Cult Status

Before we talk about a possible second movie, let’s go back to the first one and understand why it has become so popular. “White Chicks” is about two FBI agents named Kevin and Marcus Copeland who pretend to be two rich sisters in order to solve a kidnapping case. The movie is funny because the brothers get into all kinds of ridiculous situations while trying to fit into high society while wearing white makeup.

When “White Chicks” first came out, some people liked it for its humor, but others thought it was wrong to use blackface, which is when people use makeup to look like a different race. However, as time went on, many fans started to love the movie for its satire about issues of race and identity. Even though some of the jokes might not be seen as funny today, “White Chicks” still holds an important place in comedy movies.

Marlon Wayans’ Teases and Fans’ Enthusiasm for a Sequel

One of the driving forces behind the discussions surrounding “White Chicks 2” is Marlon Wayans himself. Marlon, who played one of the leading roles in the original film, has teased the possibility of a sequel on multiple occasions. He’s expressed his openness to returning for “White Chicks 2,” keeping the hopes of fans alive. In various interviews and public appearances, Marlon Wayans has mentioned the potential for a sequel.

He has even suggested that the current cultural climate might make it an ideal time to revisit the “White Chicks” universe. However, his willingness to participate comes with a condition: the makeup process.

The Makeup Challenge: A Hurdle to ‘White Chicks 2

One of the most significant challenges associated with making “White Chicks 2” is the extensive makeup and prosthetics required to transform Marlon and Shawn Wayans into their characters, Brittany and Tiffany Wilson. In the original film, the Wayans brothers spent hours in the makeup chair to achieve the convincing appearance of white women. This process involves intricate makeup, prosthetic pieces, and wigs.

Marlon Wayans has been vocal about the physical and emotional toll that the makeup process took on him during the original film’s production. He has made it clear that he’s hesitant to go through that experience again.  In the age of digital special effects, he has suggested that if a sequel were to happen, it would require advancements in makeup technology to make the transformation more manageable.

Terry Crews’ Excitement and the Uncertainty of a Deal

While Marlon Wayans has voiced his concerns about the makeup process, Terry Crews, who played the memorable character Latrell Spencer in the original film, has expressed his excitement about the potential for “White Chicks 2.” Crews have been a vocal advocate for the sequel, even joking about his readiness to return to the role in interviews.

However, despite the enthusiasm from cast members and the ongoing discussions about a sequel, there has been no official confirmation from the studio or production team regarding the development of “White Chicks 2.” While Terry Crews hinted at a sequel in 2019, Marlon Wayans later clarified that there was no official deal in place at that time.

The Cast and Crew: Who Might Return for ‘White Chicks 2‘?

In any potential sequel, the involvement of key cast members would be crucial to capturing the spirit of the original film. As of now, the only actors who seem like certainties to return for “White Chicks 2” are the Wayans brothers themselves. Marlon and Shawn Wayans’ roles as Kevin and Marcus Copeland are central to the film’s premise, and their return would be essential to the sequel’s success.

Terry Crews, who portrayed Latrell Spencer with memorable flair, has shown a keen interest in reprising his role. He has consistently expressed his enthusiasm for a sequel and even humorously noted his readiness to step back into Latrell’s shoes. Busy Phillips, another cast member who played Karen Googlestein in the original film, has also expressed her interest in returning for “White Chicks 2.” She even organized a recreation of the film’s iconic dance battle on her talk show in 2019, demonstrating her fondness for the project.

While these key cast members have shown interest in a sequel, the involvement of other original cast members remains uncertain. The ensemble cast of “White Chicks” featured several notable actors, some of whom may choose to rejoin the comedic adventure.

The Plot Dilemma: Crafting a Story for ‘White Chicks 2’

One of the main challenges for a possible sequel to “White Chicks” is coming up with an interesting story that explains why Kevin and Marcus Copeland would return to their roles as undercover agents.  In the first movie, they solved a kidnapping case and revealed the bad guys, so a new plot would need to be created to capture the audience’s attention.

With the original film’s silly concept, there are many possibilities for how Kevin and Marcus could end up pretending to be white women again.  The humor in the sequel would likely come from the crazy situations they find themselves in once more. If the Wayans brothers decide to make a sequel, they will need to balance humor and satire while also addressing current issues sensitively.

Bottom Line

There have been discussions and excitement surrounding the possibility of a sequel to the comedy movie “White Chicks.” While the Wayans brothers and other cast members have expressed interest in returning for “White Chicks 2,” challenges such as the extensive makeup process and the need for a compelling storyline still need to be addressed. Whether or not a sequel will become a reality remains uncertain, but fans are hopeful for the return of Kevin and Marcus Copeland in the future.