The idea of Birthday Party and its Commencement

birthday parties

The dayThe day when you are made to feel special is your birthday. Everybody calls you and greets you. You get to wear a new dress. You treat all your near and dear ones and receive gifts in return. The whole day is a celebration for you. The whole thing makes you feel so special. You actually start falling in love with your birthdays and start waiting for your big day.

But are you aware of where and when all these celebrations started?

Egyptians were the first ones to celebrate birthdays. Germans were the ones who invented contemporary cakes and the Greeks added candles on them. Initially, the privilege of a birthday celebration was availed only by men. It was only after the 12th century, that the females got to celebrate their birthdays.

The government started observing holidays on the birthdays of the most famous people and that’s the reason you get a holiday on the day of your Queen’s birthday.

You celebrate Christmas to remember what Jesus has given you. Though his exact birth date is not known, Christmas day is regarded as his birthday. On this day, thus, you recollect Jesus’ love for mankind and the same is portrayed to you.

The whole process of the birthday celebration involved a lot of inside stories.

Today, the main idea behind celebrating birthdays is to acknowledge a birth that God has given to us in the form of humans. Birthdays give us the motivation to live and thank the almighty for giving such life.

The best place to celebrate a birthday party in Houston

Do you want to celebrate your child’s birthday as per their special way? Your kids love adventure park, isn’t it? So why not celebrate your child’s birthday his way. iRise Trampoline & Fun Park is one of the best birthday party places in Houston. It offers many birthday packages to choose from. You can even get the things customized for your kid’s birthday party.

iRise provides the following things for the birthday celebrations:

  • Party Plates, Napkins, Cups & Utensils
  • Party room set-up & clean-up
  • Two 1-hour Jump passes for a Future Visit
  • Dedicated Party Host

You can also choose from the different add-on packages. The packages include a Basic Package, Premium Package & Premium Plus Package. Check out for the benefits each package provides you.

Premium Plus Package Premium Package Premium Plus Package
Custom Party theme utensils and decor Colour choice of utensils Custom Party theme utensils and decor
Happy Birthday Banner Colour choice of decor Happy Birthday Banner
Balloon drop Happy birthday banner Balloon drop
One Birthday Photo Swag Bags One Birthday Photo
Table-toppers Balloons Table-toppers
Swag Bags Swag Bags

Thank you cards for guests

Other than birthday parties, you can also organize events at iRise Trampoline & Fun Park.

Moreover, there are many amusement activities that you can enjoy at the park. Valo Jump, Hand-ball, adventure park, Ninja Park, Slam Dunk, and Basketball are the activities that stand among the activities at the iRise Trampoline & Fun Park. You can take the leverage of the day and night offers that some days of the week offers you.

Different adventures at the park will surely help your child is celebrating his birthday in a memorable manner. So, what’s making you wait? Book your child’s birthday at the park and give him the best celebration for his birthday.