The Truth About The Disney Two Cups Movie

Disney Two Cups Movie
Image source: sportskeeda

Disney is one franchise that does it all, from making children’s movies to adult movies, the company caters to all ages. It doesn’t matter what your age is, you will always find a movie that suits you. Recently, Disney has been in the news again. It was rumored that the movie-making giant is planning to release a movie called “Two Cups.” It was alleged that the Disney Two Cups movie is a cartoon set to come out before 2023 ends. Is this true or not? Find out below.

Movie release

The introduction of the Disney Two Cups movie first appeared on Twitter (now known as X). Twitter users were surprised when they opened the platform and saw the supposed movie release. In the first instance, they didn’t even know Disney was making such a movie, much less launching one. On the other hand, they were horrified to hear such news, given that there was an adult video with the same name. It was sexually explicit content that made the rounds on the internet and was inappropriate for children. Users therefore assumed that Disney, a media firm mostly dedicated to making children’s movies, made such content.

Netizens’ Response to The Movie Release

The unwelcoming response to the Disney Two Cups movie is quite justified, looking at what Disney stands for. Making an adult video into a cartoon was what irked the netizens. Netizens are those who use the internet or social media platforms. The netizens didn’t receive the news well and were quite opposed to it. They were appalled that such a cartoon passed the censorship board and would be released to the public.

Pictures Backing Netizens’ Claims

To convince the netizens that this rumor was true, a picture circulated online in the last weeks of September. It was a movie poster made in vibrant colors. In the picture, viewers can see a cup between two drawn images, with the Disney logo in the photo. The characters in the images were smiling at each other. The poster went viral so much that millions of people viewed, shared, or reposted it. This convinced people that Disney was indeed producing a movie like that.

Disney’s Reaction

Seeing the rumor on the internet, Disney hasn’t stepped in to clear the air. The giant movie production firm hasn’t put out a statement to debunk the rumor, to say it was false. Neither did they state that the Disney Two Cups movie poster is real. To emphasize the seriousness of the situation, Disney fans urged the company to release official statements online to clarify the rumor.

Why Did Disney Keep Mute?

Perhaps, since this is not the first time this will happen, Disney didn’t deem it fit to comment. Previously, there was fake news that Jada Smith and Channing Tatum were collaborating with Disney for some animated movies, respectively. The creator of the news was a satirical news site that is known for spreading such news. When the news of the two actors playing a role in Disney movies came out, the site cleared it. The site referred to its disclaimer that states that most of its news is just for fun and is fake.

The Aftermath of Disney’s Lack of Response

Disney’s refusal to comment on the picture sparked speculations that it was a fake image. The firm didn’t post the picture on their social networks, nor liked anything related to it. Neither did they write an official statement to introduce the movies to netizens.

After Disney failed to respond about the matter concerning their purported movie launch, some fans noticed some things. They discovered that Disney didn’t create the now-popular poster. In fact, they could see that the Disney logo on the fake image was different from the Disney official logo. For instance, some letters in the Disney word of the fake poster weren’t the same as those in the real Disney logo.

Some even argued that a real Disney movie poster would have the logo clearly and boldly written on it.

Other Differences Spotted on The Fake Poster

In the same vein, other netizens noticed the awkwardness between the characters on the poster. Although this trait was well hidden, it was there, nonetheless. A character in the poster had her hands merged with the cup and her attire in the image. This means her hands were warped, indicating that the poster artist used AI to create it.

Few of them even observed that the poster comes in various forms, and some of them have a sentence underneath. Other versions on the internet don’t have this sentence, making the poster inconsistent, something that Disney won’t do. In addition, Disney doesn’t add illegible and ambiguous sentences beneath the images on their posters.


Finally, whether the Disney Two Cups movie is real or not remains to be seen. Seeing that the company is keeping silent, netizens have been speculating and drawing their own conclusions on the issue. Several Twitter users are sure it’s real, while others are convinced it’s not. Whichever way, it seems the news will just remain a rumor until Disney comments.