The Best Marvel Heroes We Have Seen in Live-Action

Best marvel heroes
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Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when your favorite superheroes finally make it to your TV screen? It’s as close as you can get to seeing your favorite superheroes in real life. You can watch them in your favorite shows and movies that have been created by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or the MCU for short. You can access all of these shows and movies on Disney+ as long as you are subscribed to it but you would need a fast and reliable internet connection to help you stream seamlessly. 

It would be a smart idea to call Spectrum so that you could hook yourself up with its service since its internet and Cable TV services are popular all over the United States. Once you do, you can go ahead with streaming all your favorite Marvel shows and movies on demand! Here are some of the best adaptations of Marvel superheroes that we have seen yet:


Daredevil most certainly has to be the best live-action adaptation that we’ve seen yet. The show initially came out on Netflix and it was loved by audiences all over the world. The show was then shifted to Disney+ since Disney acquired the rights to Marvel. The show is about everyone’s favorite blind superhero, Matt Murdock who is an attorney by day and is a superhero by night. 

Matt has extremely heightened senses of smell and hearing which allow him to be one of the best superheroes that Marvel has ever created. Plus, it is easy to say that Charlie Cox really poured his heart and soul into the character. If you really want to see how brilliant Marvel can tend to get, you should definitely start by watching the Daredevil series. 

Iron Man Movies

Everyone’s beloved Tony Stark who goes from being a selfish, playboy millionaire to someone who actually sacrifices his life for humanity. Just like Charlie Cox, we feel like Robert Downey Jr. was made for the character and no one could do it better than him. The way that Iron Man grows as a character is insane, the development that he goes through even when he is at an impasse with his friends is just amazing. Tony really knows how to be a great leader and the way that he kept the Avengers together is brilliant. 

The Avengers arc actually started off with Iron Man so if you really want to go into the roots of Avengers, you really need to start off by watching all three Iron Man movies so that you could make sense of what is going on. 

All the Spider-Man Movies

Now whether it was Sony Pictures, Sony Animation Studios, or even the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there was no compromise when it came to the portrayal of Spider-Man. It started off with Tobey Maguire, the mantle was then taken on by Andrew Garfield and it was then passed on to Tom Holland. All three of them did a great job with the character, all of us grew up watching Tobey’s Spidey, and we saw Andrew’s commitment due to his passion to play Spider-Man, and Tom Holland just generally looks like Spider-Man because of how young he was. 

Like Andrew Garfield says, Spider-Man gave every skinny guy hope which is why every guy out there has a liking for Spider-Man and we can’t wait to see Spider-Man in the next story arc with whatever the MCU has planned out for us!

The X-Men

Another brilliant adaptation was that of X-Men where we saw all our favorite mutants come to life. It was an overdose of watching Professor Xavier as he teaches young mutants how to harness their powers and how mutants had been secluded from society and had to fend for themselves. There were a lot of timelines in the movie and it also had spin-offs such as Legion, The Gifted, and a lot more. 

We were also introduced to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in the X-Men movies and later he also got movies of his own such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Logan. It is without a doubt that Marvel again paid a lot of attention to the live adaptation of X-Men and it is among the best franchises. 

Ms. Marvel

This was the first time that Kamala Khan was brought to attention as she took on the title of Ms. Marvel. Kamala is a Pakistani-American teenager who originally belongs to Karachi in Pakistan but lives in New Jersey with her family. She is a superfan of Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) and the Avengers. However, with time she realizes that she has powers that she inherited through a magical bangle and the rest is history. Ms. Marvel is one of the best adaptations of a Marvel character.

Another brilliant aspect of the show is how it incorporated Pakistani music into its soundtrack and we got to see how much talent the Pakistani youth has. 

Wrapping Up

There is absolutely no doubt that Marvel has some of the best live adaptations of superheroes and they pay a lot of attention to make sure that they give their fans the best!