Successful Career with The Paramedical Course


If you don’t know what to do after your higher secondary exams, if you lack clarity about what course to choose, or if you wanted to be a doctor and did not score well in your joint entrance examination, the paramedical course is just for you.

There are a lot of students who aspire to become a doctor, provide medical support to the masses, but fail to get a good rank at the joint entrance exam. It does not mean that their dream is over. Medical work can also be done through paramedics.

Who is a paramedic

An individual who works behind the procedures of medical care before reaching the hospital. That is, when you call the hospital for an ambulance during an emergency, the person who responds to your call and carries out the work is called a paramedic.

A paramedic mostly works as a part of the emergency services. Paramedical courses can be done after passing class 10th, 12th, or even after graduating. Students with a science background can apply for this course. Insight in biology is also required for performing better.

There are a lot of paramedical courses, and there are different types and kinds as well. If you are in need of a job and are looking for the best career option, then you must choose this course.

Medical tests that are to be performed upon a patient, by the advice of a doctor are carried out by the paramedics. Be it blood tests, MRIs, X-rays, ultrasound, CT-scan, and so on. Generally, paramedics work on cases like fractures, burns, accidents, etc. They also help the doctors by carrying out therapies, regular check-ups. This ensures better methods of treatment and saves time. They occupy the very next position after the doctors and are generally referred to as B- group (in medical administrative terms).

There are mainly three types of paramedical courses, namely

1) Bachelor’s Degree courses– A regular course that takes about 3-4 years for the students to complete their graduation. One can quickly get a job after completing a bachelor’s course at a hospital or a pharmaceutical company. Students can also opt for further studies after the bachelor’s degree, which is the postgraduate degree course.

2) Diploma courses– If a student needs a job very quickly, they can enroll themselves for the diploma course. It requires 2-3 years to complete it.

3) Certificate courses– It is a short term course which needs up to 10-12 months to be completed.

The different programs under paramedical courses are: –

  1. i) Bachelor of Physiotherapy- Duration- 4years 

     Course fee– Around 1.5- 2 lacs on average (fees vary according to the institutions)

  1. ii) in OPT (operation theatre technology)

     Duration-3 years

     Course fee- 1-1.5 lacs

iii) in Nursing 

      Duration– 4 years’ degree course

  1. iv) in Renal Dialysis Technology

     Term – 3 years.

     Course fee– 1.7 lacs

Other than these there are other programs such as B.Sc. in 

  • Medical Lab Technology
  • X-ray Technology
  • Radiography
  • Anesthesia technology
  • Perfusion Technology
  • Ophthalmic techniques 
  • Critical care technology and so on. 

Paramedical courses offer a wide range of programs so that you get to choose according to your own needs and will. It is segregated so that one does not have to be oversaturated or burdened with topics that they are not interested in.

There are a lot of colleges that are only meant for paramedics. Apart from that, medical colleges also offer these courses.  All a student has to do is to find their area of interest and choose their colleges accordingly. Most of the colleges have the same eligibility criteria. Many colleges conduct entrance examinations that a student has to qualify to take the course. The students should keep an eye on the website pages of these colleges to keep themselves updated on the entrance dates and course programs.