4 Clear Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is a broad concept. Figuring out what it really means takes a whole lot of patience, observation, knowledge, and perspective. “Spiritual awakening” is a sense that reconfigures the way how you perceive and experience everything- a paradigm shift. It can be explained only with the experience that people have felt and gone through in their lifetime. The AA appendix spiritual experience shows the actual meaning of spiritual enlightening and awakening in the true sense. Moreover, if you are on a spiritual path and want to know how it actually feels like to be spiritually enlightened, this article is for you. Here we have four signs that could mean that you are spiritually active and awake.

1. Observation and Realization

Noticing your own activities and behaviors is a clear cut sign that your mind, soul, and body are in the spiritual zone. If you ever observe your actions and contemplate about whether you need to do it or not is a sign that you are closely observing and realizing the necessity of doing something. This concept can be better understood through Hazel Den Betty ford daily reflection as through daily reflection you can sort between your actions and their possible results.

2. Following your Intuition

If your thoughts, perceptions, and actions, all have energy in them, this means you have connected to spirituality and are spiritually awoken. You would seem to be more apt with this connection regularly. For instance, you think about a person one day and suddenly the next day you happen to meet them, or you meet a friend and you already know what they are going to talk about and they do! These are some examples where your intuition tends to be active and radiating energy.

3. Eliminating Fear of Death

Perceiving death as inevitable and welcoming peace in life is a sure shot sign that you are more awakened. You focus on living in the present and making the most of it. By this, you reduce any worries or stress that might cause you to slow down. Understanding this is a complete process and takes time. Your consciousness accepts the fact that nothing would come out from regretting what happened in your past or what would happen in the future. Gradually eliminating the fear of death will result in happily enjoying every moment of life.

4. Empathy towards others

Empathy means having a sense of humanity and understand what is on another person’s plate. You put yourself in another person’s shoes and see life from their perspective; this is when you empathize with them. Showing self-kindness, mindfulness, and being humane are signs of your entrance into the spiritual path.

Reading AA appendix spiritual experience would give deeper insights and help you with reflecting on your actions and thoughts. Some activities like meditation, daily affirmations, connecting, volunteering, and so on, allow you to focus on yourself completely, have an open up mind, and lead a fulfilled life ahead.