Follow these points to know more about personal Letter Format

personal letter formats

Any English student might recognize that there are two types of letters that they have to deal with on a normal basis- Formal letters and informal letters. Formal letters are usually very strict in nature and structure. There is not much independence in regards to what a student can do creatively in personal letter format. They cannot use fancy words or sentences, flowery slang, some phrases which only you can understand, or basically anything that adds a sense of “fun” to it.

There are compelling reasons behind it.

Formal letters:

Firstly, Everyone surely knows that formal letters are not sent to your kin. Secondly, not to someone you know personally. We use formal letters mostly for official reasons. Any kind of overly personable behavior is seen as an inappropriate one. Since formal letters always, or at least more often than not, have an ulterior motive. It can be some sort of business alliance, some work benefit, or any sort of implicit motive which will relay an official benefit. Inappropriate behavior on the sender’s side can minimize the chances of success. Therefore, When writing formal letters, you always have to care about the tone and language you are using to make it effective. The tone has to be very somber yet engaging. The structure has to be very official and to-the-point yet comprehensive, and expansive.

All in all, formal letters have to be very strict in how they operate and look in order to be effective eventually.

Informal letters on the other hand. Also known as Personal letters, and rightfully so. Because they do not have to follow and strict guidelines of any sort. These letters are sent to someone known, and to someone you have a certain wavelength with already. They do not have to follow any guidelines because you can be free and personable with your loved ones and friends. However, since these letters are included in the school and college curriculum, it is ironic that they are assigned some strict format that fetches marks in the exams.

Here are some points you can follow for personal letter formats

We should really preface this by saying that the personal letter format changes every other year. Even then, the changes are very minor. More or less, a personal letter remains the same,

The first thing you should know about an informal letter is that it should become clear to the receiver who is sending the letter right away. So keep in mind to keep the sender’s address on the top

You should follow it by the date of the letter so that they know when you have sent them this personal piece of writing.

Next comes the salutation. You should not forget this. Use them as frankly as possible. Although there is a set of suggested greetings that you can use. Although, it is a personal letter so you do not have to stick to any particular greeting. You can always insert some mutual monikers or nicknames you might have for each other, even during the salutation in the letters. That will add more credibility to it.

After the salutation comes to the body of the letter. Now, keep in mind that this is a personal letter and you do not have to be specific and to the point about everything. You can always launch into your own musings which only you and the receiver personally understand. However, in scholastic terms, you will score better remarks if you follow a three-act structure.

Consider the opening paragraph as a normal need-to-know basis of greeting exchange. Ask them how they have been and about their next of kin,

The next paragraph should follow your purpose of writing the letter. Imbue it with a sense of informality and friendliness and expand upon why you are writing the letter.

Consider the final paragraph as an extended goodbye. Hence, bid farewell with the hope to hear from them, or meet them soon.

Enter the final greetings after this, with maybe a complimentary gratitude or a hope to meet and close the letter with singing off your name.

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These are the guidelines you should follow while writing a personal letter. These all points improve your writing skills and help you to get good marks.