Online Schools in Tokyo – The Future of Learning in the New World


The pandemic brought about much chaos in our lives, and everything, including schooling, came to a standstill. After over a year of battling the novel Coronavirus global crisis, schools around the world finally began to re-open. While some countries were able to beat the virus earlier on, there are still a few that are yet to go back to normal living. A good example of a country that was able to bounce back and reboot the education system in Japan.

Schools in Tokyo, the country’s capital, took various precautionary methods and put much planning into finding a way to overcome the disruption and setback in learning and academics. 

Schools in Tokyo are ensuring that their students maintain safe distances, regularly sanitize, and even sit and eat lunch in a disciplined manner, to make sure there are no cases of contamination. Though the world might seem to have come to a halt, the continuous pursuit of a good quality education does not seem to come to a halt here. And that’s not it! Because of many schools foreseeing a possible health hazard to get back to the classrooms, there’s been a boom in the high school in Japan.

The use of video meets to enable children to receive the quality education they deserve has been a game-changer in the chaos. Online schooling has teachers who are teaching the same curriculum but in a virtual manner. Top schools of Tokyo are making a lot of effort to train their faculties to use this method of education, how to troubleshoot the technical problems that they are facing, and ways to achieve the goal of wholesome teaching through a virtual medium. The ability to understand one’s problem and help them come to a solution sometimes does not require physical presence. But if a teacher is empathetic and intelligent enough he or she will be unable to teach and help the child through to conquer the challenges.

Schools in Tokyo Have Made a Bold Move–

During the ongoing pandemic, a whopping 146 countries had to shut their schools down, as per the laws set by UNESCO. This, in turn, impacted a significant 66% of understudies from one side of the globe to the other. To repeat, Japan is among a couple of those rare countries that are endeavoring to sort out some way to restart their unique tutoring framework, and seem to have found success with the online high school technique. 

Since it is a brand new way of learning that teachers, management, parents, and students are still adapting to, there’s been hard speculation on whether or not this virtual solution will persist even post the pandemic. However, if the latest research is anything to go by, there are several advantages of online learning that may just make this a permanent phenomenon. 

Contrary to popular belief of there being no comparison to kids paying attention in a traditional classroom set-up, studying online has proven to increase a child’s attention span and has also facilitated inclined retention of information. 

How Online High school has ensured the preservation of a solid educational framework even during tough times–

Now given the current climate, one of the most affected appears to be the high school. With examinations being canceled the world around, there needs to be a motive for children to stay motivated to learn. It is easy to drift in times such as these. To ensure the correct values of education are continuously imparted, the curriculum is strictly followed, as all the students are still learning to cope with real-world situations effectively even now. 

Online High School has become a prominent part of the current educational system. A prominent school in Tokyo that has been the pioneer in imparting online education, is the Global Indian International School or which is more commonly known as the GIIS School which has an illustrious presence in 7 cities to date.

Needless to say, these online classes are playing a major and positive role in every student’s life. Even though many students, as well as parents, are facing a considerable amount of problems because of the difficulties that are presented by online learning since it is fairly a newer concept. However, it has to be kept in mind that online education is the thing that is the need of the hour and due to which the educational system is still thriving.

It is by all accounts a troublesome undertaking for the government to allow students to return to school soon. On the other hand, stopping school because of the pandemic can likewise cause serious repercussions. Online classes have been greeted with a sense of regularity given these generally dubious occasions.

International Schools in Tokyo–

Even though times are trying, all schools are bound to re-open at some point, and hopefully in the nearer future. Given that situation, here are a few schools in Tokyo that have offered an exemplary education even in the middle of the pandemic are:

  1. Global Indian International School, Japan
  2. Aoba Japan International School
  3. New International School Japan
  4. United School of Tokyo
  5. Tokyo YMCA International School


Schools in progressive countries like Japan are rapidly preparing themselves for the educational framework that would be suitable for the future. One of the main factors it’s been well-received is because of how convenient it is, especially for parents who are striving to maintain a balance between work, family, and giving their child a well-rounded education. In the recent past, several countries have embraced this new system, successfully adapting to the vast variety of programs and innovations online.