Fulfill Your MBBS Study In Russia With Forex Cards

MBBS Study In Russia With Forex Cards

A Forex cards will be your best friend while learning abroad for your MBBS. Because dealing with foreign exchange takes a lot of knowledge. Here is full advice and help in this area. If you don’t know this, you could lose a lot of money. Dishonest foreign exchange companies can scam you. They can give you fake money.

Things You Need To Know About The MBBS Program In Russia

Because the Russian government subsidizes MBBS course costs, they have subsidized it by up to 70%. Russian medical universities charge less for MBBS courses than medical schools in other countries. The standard duration to complete the MBBS program in Russia is 6 years. The program is divided into two main phases – the first 5 years involve academic coursework at a medical university.

The curriculum covers all basic medical sciences like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry along with clinical subjects like internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology etc. Classroom learning is supplemented with hands-on training at teaching hospitals associated with the universities. In the final, 6th year, students are required to do an internship program. The internship provides practical clinical training and experience in various medical specialties at hospitals. During this period, students work under the supervision of doctors and get to assist in medical procedures.

The internship is a crucial part of medical education as it helps in gaining practical skills before graduation. Upon successful completion of all academic coursework and the internship, students are awarded an MBBS degree from their university. This allows them to practice medicine in Russia as well as apply for employment opportunities abroad after clearing any required licensing exams. In summary, the MBBS program in Russia offers a high-quality yet affordable medical education recognized globally.

How Much Does It Cost To Get An MBBS From The Russian State Medical University?

Most Russian medical colleges accept the Russian Ruble. It is also called RUB. It has been used as payment for tuition and other fees. The costs have been estimated in Indian Rupees. This is for the ease of Indian students. You will have a good idea about the costs of your MBBS in Russia. You can plan your finances properly. The Indian Rupee prices could change. This is because the Indian Rupee and Russian Ruble exchange rate constantly changes.

As a result, MBBS programs in Russia are meant to be finished in six years. With five years of classroom teaching and one year of clinical rotations. MCI requires a course to last for 5.5 years. It includes a 12-month internship. In the first three years of school, students learn about the basic medicine theories. In the last three years, students have focused on getting hands-on experience. The curriculum for MBBS in Russia is split into 12 separate semesters. It is spread out over six years.

This is so that students can get a full knowledge of the field. Living expenses in Russia including costs of food and accommodation are relatively low. On average, students spend around Rs. 50,000 per year on living expenses. This adds up to Rs. 3 lakhs over the 6-year duration of the program. Therefore, the total budget required to complete an MBBS from Russia including tuition, registration, visa, and living expenses ranges between Rs. 60-75 lakhs.

Compared to other countries, this makes medical education from Russia extremely affordable for international students. The costs are nearly 70-80% lower than MBBS programs in private colleges in India. Students can also apply for education loans from Indian banks to fund their studies if required. In this way, an MBBS from Russia remains very cost-effective for Indian students. Read more details on studying MBBS in Russia for Indians.

What Specific Job Does A Foreign Exchange Card Do?

There are several reasons why having a Forex Cards is helpful:


You can pay for the student Forex Cards. You can do it with U.S. Dollars, Euros, or British Pounds. You can get local currency. You can do it by using your card at an ATM. Do it to get cash in the local currency. There is a chance that something could get lost or damaged. It can happen with travellers’ checks or cash. You don’t have to think about that with forex cards.

Forex Cards
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Acceptance Around The World

Many different types of forex cards are accepted all around the world. When you use Prepaid Net-Banking, you can add money to the card immediately. Your bank’s support has an emergency cash service. You can call it if you lose your card or find that it’s not working right.

For emergency situations while traveling internationally, forex cards providers offer 24/7 emergency assistance services. Should the card be lost, damaged or stop working,  can call the emergency number for immediate assistance. The customer support executives can help report blocked cards, provide emergency cash disbursals and even courier replacement cards to help continuecardholders the international trip smoothly. This ensures peace of mind while traveling abroad using forex cards.

The Last Word

You will need to know how to handle your money well. Understand all these if you choose to attend school in a different country. Make a plan of how you will handle your daily cash exchange needs. And these things you should do before going to study abroad.