Creating an ATS-Friendly Resumes – The Power of Keywords


In today’s tough and competitive job market, a well-presented resume is more than just a greeting card; unfortunately, many CVs never make it to the decision-makers, who are their only chance of getting into an organization. They do not pass the test but rather are judged by the algorithms of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Applicant tracking systems test your resume and are the most used tools by employers when they need to sort through many resumes and select the ones that are most consistent with the job specifications. But how do you design your resume to make it an ATS-compatible resume? The solution is contained within keywords used in the text.

What are the Keywords for Resume?

The keywords on resume are the specific keywords that highlight, your skills, experience, and fit you qualification of the job position. They are basically the keywords for skills on resume are mentioned below.

Hard Skills

The technological proficiency (“Python programming”, “project management”, “financial modelling”, etc.) is as well a skill that is required for the job.

Soft Skills

Here are examples of inter-personal skills that are transferable (like “communication,” “problem-solving,” “leadership”).

Industry Buzzwords

Many times, technical phrases or terms of art are characteristic of the specialized area.

Why use Keywords in Resume

Many people wonder why it is essential to use keywords in the CV/resume. Whether using specific keywords or key phrases is significant on a recruiter’s initial screen and ATS. Resumes are very commonly filtered by a recruiters’ the keyword search operation that enables to consider through many resumes and ultimately identify the best suited applicants. For this, you should make use of the right keywords with which the employer will be able to find your CV in search results and to invite you to continue your interview.

 How to find a Right Keywords?

There are following steps to find a right keywords.

Job Description Analysis

Job description analysis is the first step in finding a keywords. To begin, pay close attention to the job description and underline everything mentioned more than once, especially the specific skills, qualifications, and experience. These are the important keywords that should be present in your resume to demonstrate that you are a good match for the job. Besides, you may use online resources like for keyword extraction which can be done by analyzing job descriptions.

Research the Company and Industry

The second thing you should do is to visit the company’s website, competitors’ websites, and the publications which are associated with the industry to plan through the terminology and skills which the employers within the industry usually value. Leverage Online Tools There are many online tools available on internet that are helpful in finding a suitable keywords visit here and Resume Worded.

Importance of Resumes Key Phrases

You may need resume keywords and phrases for the ATS. The key phrases may be a combination of key words that are commonly used in job descriptions and can help in the emphasizing your skills or qualifications. Resume keywords example i.e., by using the “project management skills” phrase within the job description, you can highlight this key phrase in your resume, thereby, enhancing the focus on this area of your expertise.

Creating an ATS friendly resume

For making an ATS friendly resume, you can follow the below mentioned ATS resume template. Clear and Concise Formatting

  • Choose one column format that does not require compromises for clear section headings. Don’t use italics, decorative edge lines, and complicated flow design.
  • The use of the friendly and easy to read fonts like Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman will also be appropriate. Please use font size between 10 and 12 points, depending on the comfort level for optimal reading.
  • Make sure that you keep a uniform space and spacing between words in your document. Strategic Keyword Placement:
  • Summary: At the very first look of your resume, present an effective summary of what you offer: the relevant skills and experiences for the specific job that you are seeking.
  • Skills Section: Write down the “Skills” section on your resume which comprises of your job skills categorized under hard and soft skills in the bulleted style.
  • Work Experience: This is the core section of the resume, where you showcase your previous hands-on professional experience.

Using Both Long-Form and Short-Form Keywords

  • In addition to the same keyword, incorporate keyword substitutions to advance the chances of ATS finding you. Such as when listing the keywords like “project management” as well as their variations such as “project manager” and “PM,” to maximize search results.
  • Nevertheless, make sure the use of keywords is reasonable and at the same time try to keep your style to be natural and professional.

Tailoring for Each Job

Don’t submit the same generic application for every job opening. On the contrary, your resume could be more targeted if you focused on every position by thoroughly ransacking the job description and including keywords, skills, and experiences relevant to the mentioned job.

Making Resume ATS Compatible

You can make you resume ATS compatible by using Headers like education, health etc. After making resumes you can save it in pdf format. You can also use free online ATS resume scanner Testing Resume with ATS Testing the resume is a major step before sending resume to the company of an interest. With the help of Applicant Tracking System amendments can be done in a resumes.


If someone is interested in getting a competitive job in a market, mastering the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) is the most important step. Furthermore, if we consider other important thing i.e. Accurate key words phrases for resume. Your resume would be considered by the employers when it would be scanned by the ATS. In this way ATS friendly report can be made that highlights the skills, qualifications, and previous experience of your field. Furthermore, it saves your rank as a best candidate of any field for the job.