Things You Could Be Doing Better In Your International Job Search


While find a new job can be stressful, trying to find a job internationally can add up to that already significant stress. Between meticulously grooming your resume and memorizing all of your top-notch interview answers, there is a lot that needs to be done to qualify you for your new international job search. You need to do even better job for those when you are looking for a career change on international scale.

Following are a few things you can keep in mind to improvise your chances of landing a new international job.

Search on international job search sites

There are a tons of international job search sites you can find which have plenty of jobs listed on them, you should start by looking around shuffling through websites to find what you see and what you like. The key to using international job hubs Is to really flesh out your profile for each individual job. You would not go far just by posting a selfie and copying your resume online. You will need to brand your profile. If you are not giving a visual proof of giving your best in to your job profile, the recruiter is most likely to think you are not going to give your all in the job if you are offered either.

Make and maintain an online presence

It’s a common thing for everyone to use social media in today’s day and age. While its quite common to do that, having a balance between work, play, personal and profession is your best chance at standing out in the job search. Just make sure everything on your profile is squeaky clean, on wrong /awkward post and your chances would vanish in thin air.

If you really want to connect with a company and stand out from the hundreds of the other resumes, you need to start interacting with the company’s social media. Comment on their posts, tag them in your travel photos, use their custom hashtags. This activity is even more beneficial if your name is tied to your online brand so if you have some handles like “unicornhorn” or “ beachbebe99” you should change it.

You should also flaunt your skills if you have any of those. If you can take good pictures, include that, if you can pain decently, put that on your twitter. Recruiters like to hire people with demonstrated skills, so you should showcase your skills to make sure you stand out from the generic CV crowd.

Join online forums and communities

There are several forums out thee filled with people looking for international jobs, and connecting with them might help you with your search.  Joining those communities make you more aware of the job listings, companies to research and a network of industrial professionals to socialise with.

Joining these groups is only half the battle. You have to be active in them, participating and helping yourself as well as others. Be vocal about your location and your needs from the job you desire so when any member of the community sees something that might work well with you, you would know because of those members.

Rework your resume and cover letter

You may have made your resume as easy and attractive to eyes as it can be, but before you go around submitting it, make sure it upholds the standards of the country you are applying in. countries have different standards for resumes and while one might look really good in the US, it would not pass in Germany. You will need to tailor your resume to fit the needs of the country you are applying in, so research about the dos and don’ts of resume for the country you wish to apply for

Be aware of visa requirements

You might be ideal candidate to be recruited by the employers, but all of it is in vain if you do not get through the visa process.

The only thing worse then knowing you did not get selected is knowing you got selected for the job but you cannot accept It because you are not legally accepted in the country to do that job. 

Check the work visa requirements of the country you are opting for before considering to apply. Also take time to find out if the job you are applying for need a work visa.

Build your network and utilize it

Do not just join forums for jobs, join career classes, talk to people around you that might have the international job desire common with you. Make friends with people that can get you the information you need in order to get the job you prefer.

You can even join the trade shows, conferences, and career fairs that you can find many industry tycoons at. Attending such events and classes opens you up to people with resources who would notice you and that can get you further ahead. 

Practice a pitch before you attend those events so you can give the best of yourself without any hiccups.

As they say first impression is the last impression, and if you make your first impression good enough it might be your ticket in.