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Assignments and essays are a part of evaluating students in their academic years. It is very important to understand how assignments and essays are created so that maximum benefit can be taken from them. Creating assignments and essays boost the creativity and innovativeness inside a person and therefore investigates and explores new areas of skills and information. Assignments and essays and basically elaboration of a topic given to understand both the advantages and disadvantages of a particular topic taken by doing proper information search for establishing critical analysis on it.

Essays are of different kinds such as narrative essays, expository essays, descriptive essays, and argumentative or persuasive essays. All these four kinds of essays are very different from each other and therefore how they are done is very distinctive and brings out different results and perspectives from a single topic. Narrative essays can be defined as the one where storytelling is the main purpose whereas argumentative essays are the type of essays that are based on strong arguments on a particular topic highlighting both its strengths and weaknesses.  Similarly, the other two essay formats are very much different or distinct and therefore it becomes difficult for a student to rightly analyze what kind of essay topic needs to be written on. 

The four types of essays have different patterns of writing as well as the technique of information collection is also different depending on the kind of information needed for satisfying each of them. Therefore it becomes very difficult for students to conduct search essays and assignments within a short period and therefore there are several institutions and service providers who are there in the market for assisting in creating academic content.

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