List of 10 Websites To Get The Best Assignment Solutions

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Homework is a lengthy, time-taking process. It can be the cause of you missing out on so many other important things. If you are looking for websites that can help you with your homework, we have some recommendations assignment solutions ready for you.


Chegg is a California-based educational technology company. It was founded by Josh Carlson, Mike Seger, and Mark Fiddle in 2005 as a craigslist style message board for Iowa state students. At its inception, It was named Cheggs post and catered to assisting scholarship searches and college application advice. This slowly mutated into a website that provides homework and assignment help to many students around the world. 

The name ‘Chegg’ is a blend of the words – chicken and egg; referencing a dilemma where one needs the experience to find a job and needs a job to attain experience. 

Apart from homework help, they also provide physical textbook rentals, online tutoring, and other student services.


Myles Hunter founded the organization in 2015. It is an online educational platform providing on-demand tutoring and online courses. With the revolutionary idea which says “there are more teachers in the world than teaching”; the aim is to empower more people.

People can request assignments, ask for reviews, and learn many more things deeply with the help of experts from institutions like the University of South California, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University, University of Princeton, and more.


 It is a professional writing and academic and platform that offers services including ghost writing essay creation, proofreading, and plagiarism checker. Founded in 2015, by Plan B Services LLC, the site hosts a whopping 500000 users per month. Despite the target audience being primarily US students, their services are also enjoyed in UK and Canada. In 2019, ‘Edubridie’ was launched by Edubirdie. Edubridie is professional support for brides, grooms, and wedding party members for writing vows and speeches for the occasion.


As the name suggests, it is a paper writing service for students. This website seeks to help students with their college application essays and other types of academic papers. There is a team of 500 native English speakers from around the world. They help with custom writing your academic pages from scratch, even if it means creating papers just from the title itself. Apart from that, they provide editing, proofreading in case you want an academic opinion. If you think that your paper is not going as you planned or it is not as strong as you hoped it would be, they also offer the service of rewriting. 

 Additional tools:

  • Free plagiarism check
  • APA citation generator
  • Thesis statement generator

Grade miners

Grademiners is a site that will help you in getting specific scholastic assistance in any task. The services range from admission essays, articles, case studies, reviews, and many more. They promise original writing, 24\7 open services, and an offer of getting your money back if you’re confident that your order details were not followed.

With over 10 years in business and 3500+ experts on the team, grade miners is a place you will want to check out.

Tutor Bin:

 This is one of the best websites that can answer your question of “Can I Pay Someone to Do My Homework?” TutorBin is a Student-centric company that exists to solve doubts, promote clarity of concepts and help students become more proficient in their studies. With a belief “true learning starts when you feel stuck”, they have a team of 50000+ experts on different subjects. They offer tech-enabled automated services like, ‘One-on-one Sessions’, ‘Study Resources’, ‘Exam Preparation’, ‘Test Series’, ‘Video Solutions’, and many more.

 All assignment help:

All assignment help is an online assignment provider with student markets of the USA, Australia, and the UK as a primary network, although their services are also provided to the rest of the world. They boast of dealing with 400 custom writing assignments daily.

Study pool:

This online education platform was founded in 2015 and since then has helped over 5 million students. They believe all students should have access to high-quality tutors, regardless of their time, location, or budget constraints. Through Micro tutoring, students have optimum access to many qualified tutors across 70+ subjects to help them with their tough academic questions. Students also have access to millions of study guides, class notes, and practice quizzes available to download at their fingertips.

Khan Academy:

Salman Amin Khan, an American educator, founded khan Academy in 2008. It hosts video lessons that are free of cost and anyone can access at anytime. The videos keep stood translated into several languages. Hence, Its services also include SAT preparation among others.

Total Assignment help:

This assignment help operate in over 9 countries. Their local operation network spans Australia, the USA, UK, South East Asia, and the Middle East. They have an extensive track record in academic services. With 5481+ Ph.D. experts, 24\7 live support, and boasting expertise in subjects like MBA; total assignment help promises to provide quality plagiarism-free work.