KT Smith and Wallen’s son, Indigo Wilder

Indigo Wilder

KT Smith and former boyfriend Wallen had a child together before their split. His name is Indigo Wilder. Born in 2020, Indigo is a much-loved baby boy who is surrounded by several extended families on both sides. Here are some details about Indigo and his parents, KT and Wallen.

The Birth of Indigo

Wallen, the father of Indigo Wilder, was so ecstatic about Indigo’s birth, that he couldn’t help but post on Instagram. At that period, the new father couldn’t help but share his joy with the whole world. The celebrity singer uploaded a picture of him carefully carrying his bundle of joy on his Instagram. According to him, the birth of Indigo made his difficult year worthwhile. He was also thankful for Indigo appearing in his life at his most difficult moments. Then he went on to promise to be the best father to his son and co-parent with Indigo’s mother. Furthermore, Wallen said Indigo’s birth has changed his perspectives and he’d consider Indigo before making any decisions.

Smith’s Instagram Posts

KT Smith, Indigo’s mother, was not left out, as she revealed the birth of her baby on Instagram too. In a loving post, she shares how blissful she felt when she held Indigo Wilder in her arms for the first time. Then the new mom gushed about how cute and sweet her son is. In addition, she shared the name of her son on her post, including his nicknames Indie and ND. Although the father, Wallen, mostly calls him Indigo Wilder on Instagram. While KT mostly uses the ND nickname the most.

Indigo’s Pictures on Social Media

Indigo’s father and mother love to show off Indigo on their respective social media pages. Perhaps they want to share the cuteness of their son with their family, friends, fans, and followers on Instagram. In 2022, KT shared a picture of Indigo wearing a mom-and-I matching outfit. They both indeed look alike, so much so there is no disputing they are mother and son.

Halloween Pictures

Three months after Indigo was born, his parents celebrated Halloween with him. This was the first time Indigo will celebrate Halloween since coming to this world. His parents dressed him in the same outfit as his father. He wore a wig to cover his hair and a hat over it. Then he was dressed in a baby’s version of a sleeveless shirt (buttoned-up). Many people were not surprised, as Wallen is known for favoring this attire. Indigo’s mom, KT, captured the photo with a reference to Wallen’s song and wished Indigo well.

First Birthday Pictures

At exactly one year old, Indigo had a party to celebrate his first year on earth. It was a cowboy-themed event to honor his father as a singer. Only Indigo, the parents, and extended family members were present because it was a very private affair. KT shared cute pictures of Indigo in his adorable cowboy outfit. KT’s followers gushed at how lovely little Indigo looked with his red bandana and cowboy hat. Additionally, KT uploaded a group picture of Indigo with his father and others at the party. Then she posted a photo of Indigo in front of his cowboy-designed cake. Wallen also showed off Indigo’s birthday party celebration and wished him a happy birthday.

Indigo’s Parents

Indigo’s father is country singer Wallen, and his mother is KT Smith, as stated earlier. The duo were in a long-term relationship but unfortunately split up before the birth of Indigo. As of now, both parties are co-parenting successfully without any drama. In a statement during an interview, Wallen was immensely grateful to have a son with a woman he cares about.

Wallen’s Views on Fatherhood

Wallen revealed that both he and KT are trying their best to be good parents to Indigo despite their circumstances. However, he expressed his regret, as he has never wanted to be a co-parent or a single dad. Rather, he very much wanted to raise his child(ren) in a two-parent household like how he was raised. He didn’t imagine the reality would be the opposite. According to him, he and his siblings grew up with both of their parents in the same household. His parents are still married, and he wished to have that too. So it wasn’t easy for him to accept not being with the mother of his son. In fact, he struggled for a while but learned to accept it.

Balancing Parenthood with Their Careers

KT and Wallen admitted that it hasn’t been easy to balance their careers with parenthood. At an award ceremony a year ago, Wallen admitted that Indigo changed him in more ways than one. He said being a good father to his son is more important than anything. Furthermore, fatherhood made him work hard because he wanted his son to be proud of him. It made him grow up and be more responsible for his life and that of his son. To end his speech, he dedicated the award to his beloved son and promised to do more.


It is the wish of every good parent to cater to their children’s well-being. Hence, both KT and Wallen are happy that Indigo Wilder is happy, healthy, loved, and well taken care of. Unlike most celebrity couples, KT and Wallen didn’t engage in any long-drawn legal battle for custody and child support. Instead, they focused on the most important person in their lives, their son.