Toukie Smith, the Model who Transitioned into Acting

Toukie smith

Ex-partner of actor Robert De Niro, Toukie Smith, became more popular because of her relationship with Robert. However, she has since then carved a name for herself in the entertainment sector. She models for big brands and acts in the industry. To know more about this beautiful actress, scroll down to read more.

Who is Toukie?


Born in 1955 in Pennsylvania, Toukie Smith grew up there with her siblings and parents. Her mom was employed as a factory worker, while her dad was a butcher. She had two brothers, but unfortunately, one of them is deceased. He was a renowned fashion designer called Willi Smith. Furthermore, Toukie has African-American roots, same as her brothers and they are all proud of it. She currently lives in New York, United States.

Where Did the Name ‘Toukie’ Come From?

Toukie wasn’t originally called ‘Toukie’ because her formal name is Doris. Toukie explained that she got the inspiration for the name from the song her grandma used to sing. The song was an energetic song that she would always remember. Hence, she started using the ‘Toukie’ alias.


Toukie completed her primary, high school, and tertiary education in the United States. She studied fashion design at a reputable Fashion school.

Her Brother, Willi

Willi was famous in America for his top-notch fashion sense and designs. He was the founder of a successful clothing brand that has clothed several celebrities, including his sister. Willi as a designer came into the limelight between the 70s and 80s. His brand specializes in high-end fashion blended with urban fashion style. Combining two fashion styles showed how innovative Willi was. And to top it off, his designs were diverse, comfortable, and not expensive.

Willi’s Death

Unfortunately, at just 39 years old, Willi died from complications of an illness. He left behind a brand and a name in the fashion world. Even though Willi is no more, his legacy still lives on. He was one of the pioneers of inclusive and affordable fashion in the industry. He will always be remembered for introducing urban wear on the runway.


Acting career

Toukie Smith is a prolific actress who has several repertoires of films in her portfolio. Hence, her impact on the entertainment world is not small at all. Toukie has been active since the 80s till now. She has appeared in many TV shows, movies, and series. Getting involved with Robert made her more popular. But that didn’t diminish her own charm and popularity. Many people remember her for her role in a sitcom and series. Additionally, some of her movie roles include interesting characters that leave good impressions on people. An example of a movie she was in is ‘The Preacher’s Wife’.

Modeling Career

Toukie modeled before transitioning into acting. However, she didn’t leave her modeling career as an actress. Toukie has had numerous modeling jobs, including being a model for Chanel, Versace, and so on. Not only that, she also worked for her brother, Willie, while he was alive. Additionally, Toukie had modeled for several print media like Ebony, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and much more.


Toukie is a brilliant entrepreneur, as evidenced by her successful business ventures in the food industry. She established a restaurant in New York and ran it successfully.

Awards and Honors

Toukie Smith has been honored and awarded many times to count. One of the notable awards she has received came from Bloomingdale. In addition, she was honored with a mannequin made like her, making her the first Black-American to get it.

Social Media Personality

Toukie isn’t active on social media, therefore, it’s rare to see posts about her on these platforms. One reason is that she is a very private person. The other is that she doesn’t want strangers to know her private life for security reasons. Even her fans don’t know any of her personal details. Nevertheless, they hope she can be active on platforms like Instagram and Twitter in the future.

Love History with De Niro

Toukie and Robert started a romantic relationship with Robert in 1988 and the relationship ended in 1996.

How they Met

Nobody knows how Toukie and Robert met, but their relationship started in the 80s. Their love attracted the public eye, but they strived to keep it private. Nonetheless, the couple attended lots of red carpet events when they were together. As a result, the media were able to get pictures of the two together. Similarly, Toukie was spotted several times at Robert’s restaurants, where she hosted events for charity.

The Couple’s Split

Sadly, the ten-year relationship came to an end in 1996 with two children between them. Before the final split, they had earlier separated and then reconciled. But their love couldn’t withstand some challenges and the two had to finally break up.

Net worth

According to the media, Toukie is worth millions of dollars and has countless assets to her name. She is an actress and an entrepreneur, so it is not a surprise that she is a millionaire.


Toukie Smith is a public figure who always attracts the audience no matter where she goes. This can be attributed to her fashion sense that is always ‘on point’. The other is the incredible figure she was born with that can turn heads and win many hearts. Lastly, she has an elegant personality that charms people who come into contact with her.