Finlo Clarkson: Everything you Need to Know About Jeremy Clarkson’s Son

Finlo Clarkson

Finlo Clarkson, the second child of prominent British broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson, made headlines when a video of him and his sister Emily attempting the Ice Bucket Challenge and drawing the colorful ire of their father went viral. Despite his father’s larger-than-life celebrity status, Finlo keeps a low profile, keeping his personal life out of the public eye. However, here are some fascinating glimpses into the life of Jeremy’s sole son, born on March 14, 1997, in England.

The Early Years of Finlo Clarkson

Finlo Clarkson’s birth on March 14, 1997, in England, marked the beginning of his exciting jou through life. Raised by his parents Jeremy Clarkson and Frances Cain, Finlo grew up with an older sister, Emily, and a younger sister, Katya. As a child, Finlo flew under the radar, and little is known about his formative years. Nonetheless, he proudly identifies as a British citizen and belongs to the English ethnic group. As for his academic background, Finlo attended a secondary school or college where he received his English-language education. Sadly, the name and exact location of his school remain a mystery. But make no mistake – Finlo received a quality education that serves him well in his adult life.

Son of ‘The Grand Tour’ Host Spotted with Braces on the Beach

Finlo Clarkson was recently seen on the beach wearing spinal and neck braces, along with his parents. These types of braces are known to be used for injuries in the neck and upper back area. While it’s unclear how he sustained his injury, Finlo appeared to still be enjoying himself by hanging out in the pool (with his parents close by, of course).


A Closer Look at the Famous Family of Finlo Clarkson

Finlo Clarkson’s family is no stranger to fame, with his father Jeremy being a well-known media personality. Finlo’s mother, Frances Cain, has even worked as Jeremy’s manager throughout his career. But before managing her husband’s career, she was a redundancy counselor and owned a Volkswagen Golf GTI.  Finlo’s grandfather, Robert Henry Cain, was also a distinguished war hero and recipient of the Victoria Cross.  Finlo Clarkson’s professional background is largely unknown, but his father Jeremy is a renowned media personality.


With a focus on motoring, Jeremy is an English broadcaster, journalist and writer with an impressive portfolio.  He was the longest-serving presenter of Top Gear from 1988 to 1998 and its main host from 1991 to 2015. During this time, he wrote columns for The Sunday Times and The Sun and co-founded Top Gear Magazine. In 2015, Jeremy was fired by the BBC from Top Gear, but quickly rebounded with James May and Richard Hammond to host their own show on Amazon Prime called The Grand Tour. Despite his father’s fame, Finlo has kept out of the public spotlight regarding his career. However, he made history in 2007 when he accompanied Jeremy Clarkson and James May on their journey to become the first people to drive to the North Pole as part of a Top Gear special.

Divorce of Finlo Clarkson’s Parents

In terms of Finlo’s family, his parents are no longer together. Jeremy and Frances were married for 20 years, tying the knot in Fulham in 1993. Their love story was not exactly love at first sight, as Frances initially found Jeremy to be bossy and loud.  Despite this, they eventually found common ground and began dating in 1990. Unfortunately, the couple divorced in 2014 due to Jeremy’s infidelity.  Since then, Jeremy has moved on and has been in a relationship with Lisa Hogan since 2017. Despite the end of his marriage, it seems that Jeremy has continued to find love and companionship in his life.

The Talented Clarkson Siblings: A Look at Finlo, Emily, and Katya’s Accomplishments

Finlo Clarkson may be the only son in the family, but he shares a love for the creative arts with his sisters Emily and Katya. Emily, the eldest of the siblings, is a podcast host and a published author. Her books “Can I speak to someone in charge?” and “Dear pretty normal me Pa” have been well-received by readers and are available in various online bookstores.

Emily recently tied the knot with Alex Andrew, and the couple welcomed a daughter named Arlo Rose Andrew in February 2023.  Katya, the youngest member of the Clarkson family, has a passion for photography. Her Instagram profile, @katyaclarkson_photography, showcases her incredible work and photography skills.  Despite their success and public profiles, both Katya and Finlo value their privacy and keep their personal lives out of the spotlight. As of now, Katya is not dating anyone, but she continues to pursue her passion for photography and hone her craft.

The Elusive Dating Life of Finlo Clarkson

Finlo Clarkson, the only son of English broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson, is someone who values his privacy. He has kept his dating life away from the public eye, leaving fans wondering if he is single or in a relationship. While he might be dating, Finlo has chosen not to disclose any details about his love life, making it difficult for anyone to speculate.

The younger Clarkson is active on social media, but his Instagram profile (@finloclarkson1) is private, with more than 100 posts. He joined Twitter in April 2012 and has tweeted almost 1,000 times from the account (@FinloClarkson).  However, unlike his sisters, who have public profiles that allow fans to get a glimpse into their personal lives, Finlo has chosen to keep his life private and away from prying eyes.


  • Sports: rugby, Chelsea Football Club
  • Cars: enjoys driving and learning about cars
  • Travel: enjoys traveling and exploring new places

Notable Facts

  • Is the only son of Jeremy Clarkson
  • Was born in London, England
  • Has two older sisters, Emily and Katya
  • Keeps a low profile and avoids the spotlight
  • Is a fan of Chelsea Football Club
  • Enjoys driving and learning about cars
  • Has traveled to many different countries

Bottom Line

Finlo Clarkson remains an enigma to the public despite being part of a well-known family. Although he has not achieved the same level of fame as his father and sisters, he appears to be a private person who values his personal life away from the spotlight. While it is unclear what the future holds for Finlo, he is undoubtedly part of a talented and accomplished family, with his own unique story waiting to be told.