Rebecca Liddicoat, the Unknown First Wife of Robert Griffin

Rebecca Liddicoat
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Robert Griffin was an NFL player who was known for his scandal with his current wife, Greete. He only participated in seven NFL games before he stopped playing. However, what most people don’t know is that he was once married to Rebecca Liddicoat. Likewise, they are in the dark about the circumstances that led to their divorce.

Who is Robert Griffin?

Robert was a professional NFL player as stated above. He’s an American, Japan-born footballer who is popular in the United States. He once played for the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, and Washington Commanders as a quarterback.


He attended high school and college in the United States. He met his first wife while in college and fell in love with her. He went on to obtain a Master’s degree after he completed his bachelor’s.

Love for football

Robert’s love for football didn’t start all of a sudden. He played for his high school team as a teen player before he got admitted to a college in America. Immediately after entering college, many varsity teams were after him so that he could join their team. Several teams from three states reached out to him, but he joined Houston before moving to another team. The team he moved to is called the ‘Baylor’ team, and it was there he started his varsity football career. He later chose Baylor because Houston’s coach moved there.

Other sports Robert participated in

Apart from football, Robert participated in track and basketball while in high school. He surprisingly excelled and even went on to two track records in his state. As a result, he got the best 400m track athlete award in high school. Similarly, when Robert got to college, ran track and field and broke many records.

NFL career

Playing for Redskins

Robert pursued a Master’s degree and joined the Redskins after he graduated as a quarterback. This was the start of his short NFL career. Interestingly, Robert added Roman numerals on his Jersey, making him the first to do so. He was so skillful when he first joined that he was awarded a professional rookie award. In addition, he also got a ‘Player of the Week’ honor.

Retirement from football

Unfortunately, Robert’s NFL career wasn’t as extensive as he would have expected. He left football due to an injury that prevented him from playing further.

Robert’s former wife, Rebecca

Born in 1988, Rebecca Liddicoat grew up in Colorado with her parents and elder sister. She attended high school in Texas. Then she furthered her education by earning her first degree in the same state. It was while she was at the university, she met Robert, who was also studying there.

Marriage to Robert

In 2010, a year after they met, the pair were engaged and got married three years later. A mutual friend of theirs studying with them at the same university introduced them to each other. Then in 2013, Rebecca and Robert got married in Colorado with family, friends, and Robert’s coaches in attendance. In 2015, Robert and Rebecca welcomed the birth of their daughter.


In 2016, barely some months after Rebecca gave birth to their daughter, Robert filed for divorce. People were surprised to hear this, seeing that they just had their first baby. Months later, their divorce was finalized, and Rebecca Liddicoat was given full custody of their daughter. In addition, the court ordered Robert to give over one million dollars to Rebecca as her divorce settlement. The value of their home is nearly equal to this amount. Furthermore, the court ordered him to pay child support, which amounts to over 30 thousand dollars every month.

New Marriage

Two years after finalizing his divorce with Rebecca, Robert married Grete, an athlete. However, many believed he had been having an affair with Grete since 2016, seven months after Rebecca gave birth. According to some sources close to them, Robert and Grete met on Instagram and started talking. Grete was an athlete who was originally from Estonia but became a naturalized American after marrying Robert. She is also a fitness expert with many followers on Instagram. Their marriage has produced three children.

Robert’s affair with Grete

Liddicoat didn’t get to know about Robert’s cheating on her with Grete until it was too late. She only found out months later and felt bad about it. The pair separated and lived separately, but that was not all. Robert filed for divorce without informing his wife, Rebecca Liddicoat. She learned about his move to divorce her from the internet. This came as a shock to her because she didn’t want to divorce. Rebecca had hoped there was something she could have done to salvage the situation, but apparently, Robert was done.


While married to Robert, Rebecca was a housewife and took care of their home and Robert. When she became single again, she started her own business which is worth millions of dollars. It is unknown what type of business she does. Apart from that, she is pursuing a biological career in the United States.


Robert and Rebecca’s love story shows that divorce is not the end of the world. Not many people know that Rebecca is doing fine after Robert cheated on her because she is a private person. Rebecca Liddicoat picked up her life, started her career, and ventured into the business world. She continues to focus on her life, her job, and her beautiful daughter.