Rachel Catudal – Wife of Actor Brandon Quinn

Rachel Catudal

Have you ever met someone who truly does it all? Meet Rachel Catudal, a woman whose life is as dynamic as her career. From guiding others to health and wellness as a personal trainer to gracing the silver screen, Rachel’s story is nothing short of inspiring.

This article will take you through her journey, highlighting how she balances her professional endeavors with a fulfilling family life.

Birth, Parents, and Education

Born in Canada on May 11,1980, Rachel Catudal grew up in a family of comfortable means. She completed her secondary education locally and went on to obtain a degree in her field of interest.

Rachel is the daughter of Susan Cole and tragically lost her father prior to 2016. She has three siblings, being the oldest among them.

She has two younger brothers and a sister. One of her brothers, Phil Catudal, is known for being the founder of Trained by Phil and previously serving as CEO at My Healtheats.

Another brother, Dave Catudal, is a co-founder of Lyvely. Her sister, Steph Catudal Puzey, holds a position as an adjunct professor at BYU–Hawaii.


Rachel Catudal is a woman of many talents. She’s known for her work as a personal trainer and meal planner, where she helps individuals achieve their health and fitness goals.

In addition to her contributions to the wellness industry, Rachel has explored her artistic side as an actress. She appeared in the Canadian science fiction thriller “Xchange” in 2001, showcasing her versatility beyond her fitness expertise.

Physical Appearance

Rachel Catudal is known for her striking presence, which complements her professional roles as a personal trainer and actress. While specific details about her physical appearance are not publicly disclosed, she carries herself with confidence and grace, traits that are essential in her line of work.

Love Story of Brandon Quinn and Rachel Catudal

Rachel Catudal and Brandon Quinn’s romance is a beautiful story of love and partnership. They met in Montreal, Canada, while Brandon was working there in 1998.

After dating for four years, they got married on October 11, 2002.

Rachel Catudal and her husband, Brandon Quinn, are proud parents to three children: two daughters, Chloe and Summer, and a son, Ezra. The family shares a close bond, with the children being a central part of their lives.

Rachel resides in Atlanta, Georgia, USA with her spouse and children. Although she is originally from Canada, Catudal has primarily resided in the United States for most of her life.

Brandon Quinn: Husband

Brandon Quinn is an American actor who gained recognition for his portrayal of Tommy Dawkins, a high school football player transformed into a werewolf, in the Canadian supernatural comedy “Big Wolf on Campus.”

His acting career began in 1998, but it was this role in 1999 that earned him a cult following. The show’s blend of humor and fantasy struck a chord with audiences and ran for three seasons on Fox Family.

Quinn’s journey into acting was sparked by a high school theater experience, following a car accident that prevented him from playing sports.

After this crucial moment, he decided to pursue a professional acting career. As a result, he has been featured in numerous television series and films, demonstrating his versatility as an actor.

His other notable works include appearances in “Charmed,” “The Fosters,” and “Sweet Magnolias,” as well as the Roku series “Die Hart” opposite Kevin Hart.

Social Media Presence

Rachel Catudal does not have a presence on any social media platform, whereas her husband Brandon has an Instagram account with 68 K followers.

Net Worth

Rachel Catudal has an estimated net worth of around $1 million as of 2024. This reflects her success and hard work as a health coach, actress, and business owner.

Bottom Line

Rachel Catudal has a full and interesting life. She is dedicated to staying healthy, loves the arts, and cares deeply about her family. Her journey has taken her from being an expert in fitness to becoming an actress, partner, and mother.

Rachel’s story shows that with hard work and determination, it is possible to have a successful and satisfying life. She continues to inspire others and is proof that following different paths can bring happiness and balance to our lives.