Morgan Davies – The Actor Who Can Do It All

Morgan Davies

If you are a fan of Australian cinema, you have probably heard of Morgan Davies. He is one of the most versatile and diverse actors in the industry, with roles ranging from drama to comedy, and from action to horror. He is also a transgender man who has faced many challenges and prejudices to pursue his passion for acting.

In this article, we will tell you more about Morgan Davies, his journey as a transgender actor and director, his diverse and versatile filmography, and his future plans and aspirations. You will also get to know more about his personal life, his hobbies, and his inspirations. Morgan is a rising star of Australian cinema and transgender representation, and we are excited to share his story with you.

Birth and Early Years

Born in Sydney, Australia on November 27, 2001, Morgan is presently 21 years old and falls under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Raised by his single mother, Elaine Davies, in the suburb of Rozelle, his father’s identity remains unknown. As far as available information suggests, he does not have any siblings. He discovered his passion for acting at the age of seven and his mother supported him to pursue his dream. He graduated from high school, but there are no details available about his further education.

Beginning of Career

Morgan Davies began his career as a child actor in 2008 when he was only seven years old. He auditioned for a role in the Australian film Green Fire Envy, which was his first movie. Nevertheless, he experienced a significant turning point in his career in 2010 when he took on the role of Simone in the French-Australian film “The Tree.” The movie was selected as the closing film for the prestigious Cannes Film Festival and was met with a standing ovation. Davies was nominated for two AACTA awards for his performance in The Tree. He also appeared in The Hunter, another Australian film, in 2011, playing Sass Armstrong. Davies has since acted in various films and TV shows, such as Storm Boy, The End, and One Piece. He is also a director and a transgender advocate.

Morgan Davies: A Transgender Actor and Advocate

Morgan, raised in Sydney by his single mother Elaine, was assigned female at birth with the name Morgana Davies. However, at 13 years old, he bravely came out as transgender to his close family and friends, receiving their unwavering support. Though he initially struggled to openly express his gender identity, in 2020, Morgan publicly came out as a transgender man, adopting the name Morgan Davies.

Since then, he has become a passionate advocate for transgender rights, openly discussing his experiences with depression and stage fright as a teenager. Additionally, Morgan utilizes his platform to raise awareness and gather funds for various LGBTQ+ causes and organizations. Morgan is a role model and an inspiration for many transgender people and allies who admire his courage and talent.

Morgan Davies: A Director with a Vision

Morgan Davies is not only a talented actor, but also a director with a vision. He has been involved in directing several short films, such as The Boyfriend Game, Beautiful They, and BUSSY. He has also expressed his interest in directing feature films in the future.  As a director, Morgan aims to tell stories that are authentic, diverse, and meaningful. He wants to explore different genres and themes, such as horror, comedy, romance, and social issues. He also wants to collaborate with other artists and filmmakers, especially those from the LGBTQ+ community. Morgan Davies is a director with a vision, and we can’t wait to see what he will create next.


Morgan is widely recognized for his dedication to protecting his privacy and keeping a low profile on personal matters. He currently maintains a discreet stance regarding his dating life. As of the latest update, he continues to keep the status of his romantic endeavors confidential. There is no public information or online postings regarding Morgan Davies’ personal life. Details about his past relationships with women are not available. Currently, his focus is on building a successful career, and he is single.

Net Worth

Morgan is believed to have a net worth ranging from $650k to $5 million USD. His primary source of income is from his work in the film and television industry. With a thriving career, he is expected to further accumulate wealth. However, the specific details of his earnings, whether on an annual or monthly basis, are still under scrutiny.

Social Media

Morgan has an Instagram account @morganlogoff having 279K followers.

Bottom Line

Morgan Davies is a remarkable actor who has proven his versatility and talent in the Australian cinema industry. As a transgender man, he has faced challenges but has used his platform to advocate for transgender rights and raise awareness. With his promising career as an actor and director, he continues to inspire and entertain audiences, making him a rising star worth keeping an eye on.