The Legendary Michael Jordan’s Daughter, Victoria Jordan

Victoria Jordan

Michael Jordan has five children, and Victoria Jordan is one of them. Victoria has a twin sister, and both are the products of Michael’s second marriage to Yvette. Victoria is still a minor because she’s 9 years old and goes to primary school. Being Michael Jordan’s daughter, Victoria is constantly the focus of paparazzi, along with her siblings.

Victoria Jordan’s Parents

Michael Jordan is Victoria’s father, while her mother is Yvette. Michael is a retired NBA basketball player who has retired and currently enjoys spending time with his family. Before his retirement, Michael was a very skilled player, played for professional teams, and was very famous. Unfortunately, none of his older children followed his footsteps to play basketball professionally. Whether his younger children will choose professional basketball in the future is still unclear.

Victoria’s Father

Michael, Victoria’s father, used to be an NBA player. Right from a young age, he was a prodigy in the field and had shown exceptional skills on the court. This made experts in the basketball community notice him and try to get him on their team. To date, Michael is known in history as one of the best basketball players.

In fact, in the 90s, no basketball story is complete without mentioning Michael Jordan. Children in those days aspired to be like Michael. Even now, young basketball players hope to be like him and even surpass him. Sadly, none of his children inherited his skills on the basketball court but excelled in something else.

Victoria’s Mother

Victoria’s mother is a successful supermodel called Yvette. She married Michael Jordan after he got divorced from his first wife. Their marriage produced two children, twin girls. As a public figure herself and married to another celebrity, Yvette, and her family will always be in the public eye.

Yet, she and Michael fight hard to keep the younger children away from the media. They want their children to enjoy their childhood without any strangers knowing about their private activities. Nevertheless, despite their protection, the media managed to get a glimpse of the children. Not only that, the paparazzi do take sneak shots of them sometimes and post them on the internet.

Victoria’s Siblings

Victoria has four siblings, three are her half-siblings and one is her twin. Her two older brothers played basketball in college but didn’t go beyond that. As for her older sister, Jasmine, she works at their father’s company and prefers to stay out of the limelight. Then there is Victoria’s twin, Ysabel who is also 9 years old like her. Both Ysabel and Victoria share the same parents, making them full siblings. At a young age, all of Michael’s children have been exposed to the limelight due to their parents’ popularity.

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What do Victoria’s Brothers do?

Jeffrey is Michael’s first child and son. He is also the older brother of Victoria Jordan. While Marcus is Michael’s second child and son. Being Michael Jordan’s son made people have many expectations of them while in school. People expected them to be skilled in playing basketball like their father. Hence, they faced lots of pressure and tried to be like their father.

Yet, their abilities were like normal basketballers and could only take them up to college. Jeffrey played basketball throughout his college years and was part of the varsity teams. He only managed to score average points. On the contrary, his younger brother, Marcus, played more impressively, with a better record than him. Ironically, although Marcus was the better player, he also couldn’t join the professional team like his brother.

Forage into the Business World

Seeing that they weren’t successful as athletes, the brothers abandoned basketball and went into business. Each established their own business and created brands that are well-known today. Their chosen careers proved to be the right and gave them stability, something they couldn’t get from playing basketball.

Social Media Exposure

Victoria isn’t active on social media pages, same as her sister, given that both are still minors. Their parents are the only ones who upload pictures of them on their respective social media accounts. Additionally, whenever the children go out, their parents never post their exact location to the public to keep them safe. This is understandable as there are many creeps and stalkers on the internet waiting to prey on young and vulnerable children.


As stated earlier, Victoria is still underage and doesn’t have any career right now. Moreover, she is still in school and focuses on studying, staying with her family, and enjoying her youth. Perhaps Victoria might be a pro-basketball player or play other sports when she grows up. But for now, she hasn’t shown any inclination to do so. Nevertheless, she will be successful in whatever she chooses to do in the future because she has her parents’ support.

Victoria’s Net Worth

Victoria Jordan is a minor and unemployed, so she doesn’t have an income or net worth. However, her father and mother are highly successful in their careers and worth millions, respectively.


Lastly, Victoria Jordan is a happy child shielded away from prying eyes, the same as her twin sister. She is a child who sees her parents as her normal parents despite their celebrity status. Victoria is surrounded by the love of her parents, siblings, and family. The same goes for her twin sister Ysabel who was born on the same day as her.