Lukas Van Ness Sisters – Hanna and Ella’s Journey Beyond the Football Fame

Lukas Van Ness Sisters

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to grow up with a future NFL star? Meet Hanna and Ella, the sisters of Lukas Van Ness, whose lives are more than just football headlines. In this article, we get a personal look at how these two remarkable women have carved their own paths, supported their brother, and become role models in their own right. So, let’s get to know Hanna and Ella, the awesome sisters behind the football star!

Lukas Van Ness Sisters: Birth, Parents and Education

Hanna and Ella were born to Jason and Leanna Van Ness, who are both graduates of the University of Iowa. The family hails from Barrington, Illinois, where the sisters grew up. Their brother, Lukas Van Ness, was born on July 6, 2001, which suggests that Hanna and Ella may have been raised in a close-knit family environment during the early 2000s.

Their father, Jason Van Ness, works as a sports chiropractor, and their mother, Leanna Van Ness, is also a graduate of the University of Iowa, though not much is publicly known about her profession. It’s clear that sports and education are significant aspects of the Van Ness family’s life, with all siblings being involved in sports to some extent.

As for education, it is mentioned that Ella, like her parents and brother, is currently studying at the University of Iowa. Hanna is also noted to be active in sports at her educational institution, although specific details about her education are not provided in the available information.

Career and Rise to Fame of Lukas Van Ness’ Sisters

Hanna and Ella, the sisters of Lukas Van Ness, have captured public attention not just for their familial ties to the NFL player but also for their own merits and presence on social media. While not much is detailed about their careers, they have both become familiar faces in the sports world.

Hanna Van Ness is known for sharing her life’s moments, from vacation spots to weekend outings, with her followers on Instagram. Her active social media presence has garnered her a significant following, allowing her to share a slice of the Van Ness family life with the public. Ella Van Ness, the younger sister, is also active on Instagram and has a growing follower base.

She is a student at the University of Iowa, just like her brother, and her posts often reflect her college life and experiences. Their rise to fame came unexpectedly when they were spotted celebrating with Lukas during the 2023 NFL Draft.

The moment was broadcasted on national television and quickly went viral, thrusting Hanna and Ella into the limelight. Their genuine reactions and the close-knit family celebration resonated with viewers, leading to a surge in interest and followers on their social media accounts.

Lukas Van Ness: The Rising Football Star

Lukas Van Ness is a rising star in American football, playing as a defensive end for the Green Bay Packers. Born on July 6, 2001, in Barrington, Illinois, Lukas showed his love for sports early on. He went to Barrington High School, where he not only played football but also tried his hand at ice hockey.

After high school, Lukas took his talents to the University of Iowa. He didn’t play in his first year, which is called redshirting, but this gave him time to train and get ready for the big leagues. When he did start playing, he made a splash as a defensive powerhouse, tackling opponents and stopping them from scoring.

His hard work paid off when the Green Bay Packers picked him in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. That’s a big deal because it means he was one of the top players chosen that year.

Lukas didn’t waste any time showing what he could do; in his very first game against the Chicago Bears, he sacked the quarterback, helping his team to a win. Lukas’ career is just getting started, but with his talent and determination, he’s definitely a player to watch out for on the field!

Social Media Presence of Lukas Van Ness’ Sisters

Hanna and Ella, the sisters of Lukas Van Ness, have a notable presence on social media, particularly on Instagram. Hanna, with her engaging posts from various vacation spots and weekend outings, has attracted around 4023 followers. Her account is private now.

Ella, who is also a student at the University of Iowa, enjoys nearly 5647 followers and shares glimpses of her college life and experiences.

Their social media fame surged when they were seen celebrating Lukas Van Ness’ selection in the 2023 NFL Draft on national television. This moment brought them into the spotlight, leading to an increase in their social media following.

Relationship of Lukas Van Ness 

Lukas Van Ness is in a relationship with Frankie Kmet. The couple has been together for a while and celebrated their first year of dating in 2023. They’ve shared their special moments with the public, especially during the NFL Draft when Lukas was selected by the Green Bay Packers. Frankie, who is also the sister of Bears tight end Cole Kmet, has been a supportive partner to Lukas as he embarks on his professional football career.

Social Media Presence of Lukas Van Ness

Lukas Van Ness has established a growing social media presence across various platforms. He is active on Instagram, and Twitter, where he shares updates about his life and football career. On Instagram, he has a following of 82,000, while on Twitter, he has 15.4 K followers.

As Lukas’ career progresses, especially after declaring for the 2023 NFL draft and being selected by the Green Bay Packers, his social media following is expected to grow. His online activity gives fans a glimpse into his journey from college football to the professional league.

Net Worth of Lukas Van Ness’ Sisters

The net worth of Lukas Van Ness sisters, Hanna and Ella, is not publicly disclosed or documented in the available resources. They have gained attention through their social media presence and their connection to Lukas Van Ness, but specific financial details about them are not provided in the public domain.

Net Worth of Lukas Van Ness

As of 2024, Lukas Van Ness’ net worth is estimated to be around $300,000. This figure is largely attributed to his sponsorship deals and endorsements as a college-level football player. With his recent entry into the NFL and a contract with the Green Bay Packers, his net worth is expected to increase significantly.

His contract details include a 4-year deal worth $17,388,091, with a $9,645,884 signing bonus and an average annual salary of $4,347,023. It’s important to note that these figures can fluctuate based on various factors such as endorsements, investments, and performance.


As of now, Lukas Van Ness is known to endorse the “Swarm Collective,” which is a non-profit corporation and a booster-led NIL collective run by the Iowa Hawkeyes. Since he has only recently declared for the NFL draft and started his professional career, he may not have signed any other major brand endorsement deals yet. However, as his career progresses, it’s likely that he will attract more endorsement opportunities.

Bottom Line

The story of “Lukas Van Ness Sisters,” Hanna and Ella, is a testament to the impact of family support in the world of sports. Their journey alongside Lukas’ rise to fame in the NFL showcases the unique bond and shared experiences that shape the lives of athletes and their families.