Discover Lizzo Boyfriend – Who is Myke Wright?

Lizzo Boyfriend

Lizzo, the super-talented singer, has been doing incredibly well lately. She’s been on tour and has won big award shows, like the Grammy Awards where she took home the Record of the Year award for her song ‘About Damn Time’ in 2023. But did you know that despite saying she was single, Lizzo has actually been in a relationship since 2021? In this article, we’ll tell you all about Lizzo boyfriend and share the details of their love story.

Lizzo Boyfriend: Exploring Her Relationship with Myke Wright

Love is definitely in the air for the incredibly talented singer Lizzo, also known as Melissa Vivian Jefferson. The lucky man who has stolen her heart goes by the name of Myke Wright and he wears many hats, including being an actor, stand-up comedian, and TV host. The first signs of their romance started to swirl around when they were seen sharing an intimate meal on Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles.

However, the spark between them had actually been growing even before that. In October 2021, they were spotted together at Crustacean Beverly Hills, giving everyone a glimpse into their early stages of love. Ever since then, Lizzo’s boyfriend, Wright, has made several public appearances as a couple. They showed up together at the FYC event for Lizzo’s popular TV series on Amazon Prime Video, called “Watch Out for the Big Grrrls,” and also at the 2022 MTV VMAs, where Lizzo proudly took home the “video for Good” award. Their relationship hit a significant milestone in February 2023 when they made their official debut as a couple at the prestigious Pre-GRAMMY Gala.

They shined on the red carpet and sat side by side during the music ceremony, captivating everyone with their undeniable chemistry. Lizzo couldn’t contain her excitement and eagerly shared multiple delightful photos of her and Myke on Instagram, expressing her profound joy with the caption “Hard Launch.” During an interview with Vanity Fair in October 2022, Lizzo revealed her deep affection for Wright, disclosing that they have known each other for more than six years and he means the world to her.

She straightforwardly stated, “We’re completely in love. That’s all there is to it.” Although the precise timeline of their relationship remains somewhat ambiguous, their connection gained more public attention in April 2022 when Lizzo proudly posted images of her and Myke to celebrate her 34th birthday. Before that, in an interview on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy show, Lizzo casually mentioned that she had discovered “the perfect person” in her life when questioned about dating a renowned celebrity.

What Does Lizzo Boyfriend Do?

Myke Wright is an actor, stand-up comedian, TV host, and former co-host of MTV’s music series Wonderland, where he worked with Lizzo in 2016. He has been on TV shows like Adam Devine’s House Party and Laughs. He has also acted in movies and short films.

He is from Detroit and moved to Los Angeles to become a comedian. He loves music and used to be in a band called The Grey Level and a hip-hop group called Phresh Heir. He is also a designer and has made clothes for a brand called EMLE. He even started his own company called ümi, where he tries to make things that make people’s lives better. He wants to help solve problems and make the world a better place.

The Story of Lizzo and Her Boyfriend, Myke Wright

Lizzo and Myke Wright met while working together on a TV show called MTV’s Wonderland in 2016. During an interview on The Howard Stern Show in 2022, Lizzo shared that they were friends before they started dating. In the past, Lizzo didn’t feel ready for a relationship because she had some insecurities and wanted to focus on her career. Lizzo wrote a song called “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)” about breaking down those insecurities and allowing herself to be open to love.

She talked about her close friends, including Myke, who knew her before she became famous. Lizzo explained how important it is to have people in her life who have seen her grow and know her for who she truly is. Recently, Lizzo has been more comfortable sharing her relationship with Myke on social media. In a cute Instagram post in July 2022, Lizzo posted a selfie with Myke.

They both looked happy and stylish in the picture. Lizzo called Myke her favorite artist and encouraged her fans to listen to her album “Moxie.” Fans and friends were thrilled to see Lizzo and Myke together. They commented on the post, saying how beautiful they looked as a couple. People expressed their happiness for Lizzo, hoping that their relationship stays strong because they think they make a great pair.

Myke Wright’s Special Nickname for Lizzo

In a recent interview, Lizzo shared that her boyfriend, Myke Wright, has a special nickname for her. Instead of calling her Lizzo, he lovingly calls her “Melly.” It shows how unique and personal their relationship is.

Bottom Line

It is evident that Lizzo boyfriend, Myke Wright, is a man who is successful and we can hope that their relationship progresses. Their journey from friends to partners has been inspiring, and fans are excited to see their relationship thrive as they continue to support and cherish one another.