Liam Costner – A Genius Real Estate Agent

Liam Costner

What happens when two influential figures come together to procreate? They produce an outstanding son like Liam Costner and provide him with all the resources needed to grow healthily. Such a child is well cared for and doesn’t lack financial security. Such is the case of Liam Costner. Who is Liam, and what does he do for a living? What makes Liam different from his celebrity parents?

Who is Liam?

Born Liam Timothy Costner in 1995 to public figures, Liam isn’t a stranger to media scrutiny. However, the 29-year-old is on a different path from his parents. Liam is involved in the real estate sector and has been successful in the business. Furthermore, his mother, Bridget Rooney, comes from old money and an influential lineage, while his father is Kevin Costner.

Kevin is a big name in Hollywood who has directed, produced and acted in several movies. Liam’s dad is a legend in the movie industry, and his mom’s family owns the Pittsburgh Steelers. His parents dated each other but split soon after Bright had Liam. Nevertheless, both parties were actively involved in their son’s upbringing.

Liam’s Parents Relationship

Liam’s father and mother are not together and co-parent, but it was not always so. Soon after Liam was born, Kevin, his father, requested a paternity test to confirm Liam was his son. It was quite a drama-filled period for Kevin and Bridget, so much so the media got wind of it.

Bridget agreed to the paternity request, and it was done to let Liam earn his rightful place as a Costner. The test confirmed that Liam is Kevin Costner’s offspring. Although Kevin had the right to ask for a paternity test, fans believed it must have soured his relationship with Bridget.

Getting Past The Paternity Drama

Once the test showed he fathered Liam, Kevin stepped up to his responsibilities as Liam’s father. Kevin fulfilled his emotional and legal duties towards Liam Costner. Even though some people questioned Kevin’s decision to confirm paternity, others understand. Kevin already has six children from other women before Bridget, Liam’s mother. That means, Liam has six siblings and grew up with a large family. The experience gave him an enriched, diverse, and blended family dynamics.

Interest In Real Estate

Liam Costner is different from other rich or celebrity kids who follow in their parent’s footsteps. He chose a career path completely outside the entertainment circle. If Liam was interested in the flashy life of Hollywood, he would have gone for it. But he rather prefers to forge his own path, which he has done successfully. Hence, Liam Costner is a name and brand that didn’t rely on Costner’s family name.

Maintaining A Stable Career

Liam strived hard to make something of his profession to make his parents proud. His choice of job is quite lucrative, albeit a competitive one. Moreover, it is really rare to see a celebrity’s child venture into the world of real estate. Nonetheless, Liam Costner proved that he has the grit and intelligence to make it to the top.

Liam As A Successful Real Estate Expert

Liam has liaised with a reputable real estate firm in the United States of America. Working with the company has helped his career flourish, in addition to his hard work and dedication. Liam’s goal to be his own person other than being Kevin Costner’s child is commendable. His current career growth is an attestation of how far he has come.

Private Life

Liam cherishes his privacy so much, that you’d hardly catch a glimpse of him in the media. His father, Kevin, is very famous, and his fans are naturally curious about his children, including Liam. Yet, Liam never satisfies their curiosity and remains a secluded figure who goes about his daily activities quietly. Liam doesn’t want the public attention at all and shy away from it. So he carefully shields his personal life from the media.

Relationship Status

Liam lives a discreet life, and the same applies to his romantic life. Nobody knows Liam’s significant other has he has opted to keep quiet about it. No doubt, Liam has become adept at separating his private life from his professional life.

Financial Status

Worth millions of dollars from his job alone, Liam can be categorized to be a wealthy man. However, there is no exact amount to quantify Liam’s riches. This doesn’t include his legacy and inheritance from his father and mother’s sides. Therefore, combining Liam’s personal wealth with his parents gives him a considerable fortune. But it appears Liam loves to make his own money and build a wealthy legacy beyond what his parents can provide.


Liam Costner keeps rising and securing his bag as a real estate agent. This indicates he has an excellent, indomitable spirit and work ethics. In addition, he refused to rely on his parents’ wealth and name to help him out. Still, Liam is now considered a success and expert in his field of work. Many clients who have patronized his company had positive things to say about him. This proves that you can reach the top if you put your mind to it.