Katt Leya – The Instagram Model and Video Creator

Katt Leya

Katt Leya is a web-based model and content creator known by her online alias, Vivalabadchick. She performs live shows on various websites and offers online access to her photos and videos. She grew up in New York but now lives in Miami. She is also an aspiring musician and lyricist who produces songs.

Birth & Background

Katt Leya (age 31) was born in the Dominican Republic on August 7, 1992. She moved to America when she was young and lived in New York. She dreamed of becoming a model and joined the modeling industry at 20. She switched to the adult industry after failing in fashion. She also created accounts on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to gain more followers. However, some of her accounts got deleted because Leya’s content broke the rules.

Katt Leya Physical Attributes

Katt Leya has a fantastic body with measurements that make her stand out. Katt is 5 ‘5″ tall (165 cm) and weighs an excellent 69.6 kg (153.4 lbs). Her gorgeous brown eyes add a touch of mystery, and her hair, although not natural, is a stunning blonde color that suits her perfectly.

Katt Leya Social Media


Her Instagram handle @vivalabadchick is private and has 112 K followers. Her Threads account has 8663 followers. She also has another Instagram account, @katt_leya, which has 970K followers.

She had a Twitter account @Kattleyaxxx, but it was suspended due to a violation of Twitter rules. Now she has another X account @kattley08226659.


Katt Leya has a TikTok account with 18.3K followers and 40.1 K likes.


Katt Leya has a YouTube account, @KattMeow, with 5.8 K subscribers. If you type #Katt Leya on the YouTube search bar, you can find many videos featuring her with different content creators.


She also has an account on Fansoda, which offers paid subscribers to view the exclusive content she posts on the site. She has 171 posts on this site. You can subscribe for one month or six months.


We tried to find her authentic OnlyFans account, but various sites are claiming that they have Katt Leya OnlyFans leaked videos and photos. We could not affirm whether these sites have some genuine content or are only clickbait. However, she might have had an OnlyFans account earlier, but as of now, we could not find any account by her name.


Katt Leya also has a website where you can connect with her.

Katt Leya Controversy

According to a recent Instagram post by Wags Unfiltered, Phoenix Suns center DeAndre Ayton is said to be feeling upset about the rumored pregnancy of his girlfriend, Katt Leya. Fans have compared Ayton’s situation to that of another NBA star, Zion Williamson. The news regarding Leya’s pregnancy and Ayton’s reaction was shared by Wags Unfiltered, who claimed to have received information from a source.

However, it’s important to note that the news of Leya’s pregnancy and whether Ayton is the father is still unverified.  Recently, Ayton and Leya were seen together in a Snapchat video, where the NBA player was shirtless and brushing his girlfriend’s hair, seemingly confirming their relationship status. Unsurprisingly, fans draw similarities between Ayton’s situation and Zion Williamson’s recent news.

Reportedly, there are claims that Williamson has been associated with Moriah Mills, an adult film actress, who states that she is expecting his baby. Despite staying quiet, Williamson is backed by his loved ones and close friends. It remains to be seen how Ayton and Leya will address these rumors and what their future holds. As fans eagerly await further confirmation or clarification, we hope for a resolution that brings clarity and peace to everyone involved.

Bottom Line

Katt Leya is a popular model and content creator with a large fan base on various social media platforms. She is also an emerging artist and songwriter who makes music. However, she has also faced controversy and rumors regarding her relationship with NBA player DeAndre Ayton and her alleged pregnancy.