Joe Jonas’ Kids: The Next Generation of Jonas-Turner Family

Joe Jonas' Kids

Joe Jonas, the popular musician and former member of The Jonas Brothers, is not only known for his incredible talent but also for being a loving father to his two adorable children. Despite the challenges he and his wife, Sophie Turner, may be facing in their marriage, their devotion to their kids remains the same. Joe Jonas’ kids hold a special place in his heart, and he continues to prioritize their happiness and well-being above all else.  Let’s take a closer look at Joe Jonas Kids whom he shares with Sophie Turner and the love they bring to his life.

Joe Jonas Kids

Willa Jonas

Willa Jonas is the first child of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas. She was born on July 22, 2020. The news of Sophie’s pregnancy came out in March 2020, and their loved ones were really happy for them. Before Willa was born, their older daughter was a bit confused about being a big sister. She thought that all bellies had babies in them.  After Willa was born, their older daughter wanted her mom’s attention all the time and claimed her as her own. Sophie Turner shared a funny moment about it.

In May 2023, Sophie posted a video of Willa on Instagram but quickly took it down. She explained later that she wanted to protect their private life and only share things for the right reasons. She also doesn’t want her daughter to face the pressures of being a celebrity at a young age.  Sophie and Joe will support Willa’s dreams, but they want her to wait until she’s 18 to pursue a professional career. They also don’t want her to rely on their fame for success.

Second Daughter

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas became parents of their second daughter, born on July 14, 2022. They haven’t shared her name with everyone just yet. Following her birth, the family made the decision to relocate to Miami. Joe Jonas mentioned to the press that adjusting to having a newborn is a learning process for him. He’s figuring out how to balance work and taking time off.

Some weeks are more challenging than others, but he feels grateful to have a job he enjoys and a wonderful family. It’s like a dream come true for him. They visited Miami and instantly fell in love with it. Joe was pleasantly surprised by the peaceful areas and incredible food. He believes it’s a hidden gem worth exploring.

Joe Jonas Files for Divorce, Seeks Parenting Plan

Jonas, aged 34, and Turner, aged 27, got married in two different locations – first in Las Vegas and then later in France. They now have two children: a 3-year-old daughter named Willa, and a second daughter who is 14 months old. The couple have decided to separate after being married for four years.  In the paperwork that Joe filed for the divorce, he asks for a plan for taking care of their daughters.

He thinks that both parents being actively engaged in their children’s lives is beneficial for them. He also desires a schedule that would enable him and Sophie to routinely see their daughters. Joe and his daughters are now dispersed around the United States, including Miami. Joe wants both him and Sophie to help financially support their daughters. He says in the documents that they both have the ability to provide for their children’s needs.

In the paperwork, Joe mentions that their marriage is broken and cannot be fixed, but he and Sophie have not talked about why they are getting a divorce in public. Some recent pictures on Instagram show Joe still wearing his wedding ring, but he always likes to keep his personal life private.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas: Love Story

In 2016, Sophie Turner, famous for her portrayal in Game of Thrones, and Joe Jonas, a member of the popular music group Jonas Brothers, initially established contact through Instagram messages.  Turner disclosed that they shared several mutual acquaintances who had been attempting to introduce them for some time. Then one day, out of nowhere, Jonas messaged her on Instagram.

Jonas and Turner had been mutually connected on the platform. When Jonas came to the U.K. for his tour, he extended an invitation to Turner to spend time together. Her friends found it funny and convinced her to accept the invitation. When they planned to meet at a bar, Turner brought along her friends for security, just in case Jonas was not who he claimed to be. However, she was pleasantly surprised when he showed up with a friend instead of a squad of security guards.

In 2017, Jonas proposed to Turner, and they both joyfully shared the news on Instagram. Their engagement received lots of support from their famous friends and family. Nick Jonas, Joe’s brother, posted a sweet message congratulating them on their engagement. Afterward, the couple had a surprise wedding ceremony in Las Vegas in May 2019 and a more elaborate celebration in the beautiful French countryside.

Bottom Line

Joe Jonas Kids are the center of his world and he prioritizes their happiness and well-being above all else. Despite challenges in his marriage, Joe remains a loving father to his two adorable children and will continue to support them and protect their privacy.