Who is Jim Jefferies’ Wife?

jim Jefferie Wife
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Jim Jefferies, the famous actor, comedian, and writer, is an Australian native who is well-known within and outside the circle. With his popularity, it is not a secret that many are interested in his personal life, most especially his marital status. The question on some of his fans’ lips is if Jim is married. And if he is married, then who is Jim Jefferies’ wife?

What is Jim famous for?

Jim has starred in numerous shows and stand-up comedies since he started his acting career. However, his appearance in several sitcoms such as ‘legit’ will remain unforgettable in people’s minds. Additionally, his comedy show that is broadcast on Comedy Central was quite exciting and propelled listeners to tune in often. Not only that, he made special episodes for those who missed his show to enjoy.


Jim was born in Sydney but lived in both Sydney and Perth because his family moved from Sydney later. He has two siblings who are older than him, born of the same parents. His parents were working-class, but their professions at that time were unknown. Since his family left Sydney for Perth, Jim had no choice but to follow. The move gave him the chance to study classical music and musical theatre at a prestigious arts academy in Perth, Australia.

Interest in music

Jim was initially interested in music and wanted to have a career while still studying. However, he changed his mind and focused on stand-up comedy during his college days. This means that Jim started building his stand-up comedy career as a college student.

Comedy career

After he became a stand-up comedian, Jim started using ‘Jim Jefferies’ as his stage name. He first made short jokes before venturing into using real-life comedic situations as jokes. His transition from a short joke comedian to a stand-up long joke comedian was successful, but not without challenges. Nevertheless, he overcame them and gradually performed long-set comedies.

His big break

In a twist of fate, Jim’s big break didn’t come from doing stand-up comedy. He went viral due to an unfortunate incident that happened to him in 2007. Jim was in the UK to perform on stage, and while on stage, he was attacked and it went viral. This prompted the international audience to look up Jim Jefferies. Therefore, it didn’t come as a shock to see that Jim started having a growing fanbase internationally. This became the start of Jim touring several countries around the world to perform stand-up comedies.

Comedy Specials

Jim Jefferies has had lots of comedy specials in the course of his career. ‘Freedumb’, one of his released specials, was produced and shown on Netflix and released in 2016. Then another famous special comedy episode was aired on streaming platforms. In addition, he paused his Australian tour and made a special episode in London in 2018. After he finished filming the episode, he resumed his tour.

Jim’s Sitcom

Jim is multi-talented and diversified. He didn’t only do stand-up comedy, he established a sitcom on FX called ‘Legit’ in 2013. The sitcom had good ratings because it resonated with people with special needs. Yet, despite its positive ratings, Legit only aired for two seasons before it was canceled. Jim didn’t let that stop him. He launched a new show to showcase his comedy talent.

Jim’s new show and hosting ability

Jim created his own show four years after launching Legit. He was the host of the show, and he broadcasted on Comedy Central. Unlike other comedy shows, Jim tackled different controversial issues without mincing words. The show only lasted for three seasons and stopped in 2019.

Acting and podcast

Jim is not a stranger to podcasts and hosting one. He has also appeared in many panel shows centered on comedy and various films. In fact, there was an announcement in 2019 that Jim was going to a role in his own sitcom. His role is a made-up, fictitious ‘Jim Jefferies.’

Business ventures

Jim is a businessman because he started investing in properties in 2012. Major media outlets reported that bought a big property in the US for less than 2 million dollars. The place was located in a sought-after area. Then seven years later, Jim put the four-bedroom, over 3,400 Sq feet house for sale. The asking price for the residence was nearly 10 times the price Jim bought the house in 2012.

Second property

Jim didn’t stop acquiring properties after his first purchase. He got another one in 2018 for more than three million dollars. The price of this second property was higher than the one he bought in 2012. Hence, it has better amenities than the first one. For instance, it has more space (over 5,000 SQ ft), a swimming pool, and top security. It is unclear whether Jim Jefferies’ wife, Jim and their child live on the second property.

Love life

Jim has been in one or two relationships before settling into marital bliss. He was once romantically linked with an actress who had a child for him in 2012. Nine years later, he had another child with another actress, whom he married in 2020. This actress is his wife, Tasie. So yes, Tasie is Jim Jefferies’ wife.

Net worth

Jim is worth about 12 million dollars, most of which he got from his jobs as an actor, writer, and comedian. He also tours as a comedian and has been successful in his endeavors. Additionally, he hosts shows and has been hosting them for years. However, is Jim Jefferies’ wife a millionaire like him? Nobody knows because Jim’s wife is a private person.


Lastly, even though people know Jim as a comedian, he is also popular for his love of cars. He owns an impressive range of cars starting from Holden to Ford, BMW, and then Dodge Challenger. As an Australian, his passion for the Holden brand is understandable. But some are surprised that he likes a high-performance car like Dodge. Even Jim Jefferies’ wife appreciates her husband’s love for cars.