Jeremy Lin Wife – Kristina Wong, Activist and Artist

jeremy lin wife

Jeremy Lin is a former NBA star who rose to fame in 2012 with his remarkable performance as a point guard for the New York Knicks. He is the inaugural American-born NBA player of Taiwanese descent and a vocal supporter of Asian American representation and social justice. But who exactly is the woman behind this renowned basketball figure? Who is Jeremy Lin wife?

In this article, we will introduce you to Kristina Wong, the activist and artist who married Jeremy Lin in a secret ceremony in 2020. We will explore her background, career, and achievements, as well as her relationship with Jeremy Lin. We will also learn about their shared values, passions, and challenges. Read on to find out more about Kristina Wong, Jeremy Lin wife.

Birth, Parents, and Education

On June 4, 1978, Kristina Wong came into the world in San Francisco, California, in the USA. Her father worked as an insurance salesman, while her mother was employed as an accountant. She belongs to the third generation of Chinese Americans. Her grandma left China in the 1930s from a village called Guang Mei Cun near Kaiping County. She studied at a Catholic school for girls and took a class on speech. She got two degrees in English and arts and a minor in Asian American studies from UCLA in 2000. She spoke at the graduation ceremonies for the English department and the Asian Pacific Islander students at UCLA in 2008 and 2014.

Career Journey

Since 2000, Wong has been actively involved in the entertainment industry, appearing on numerous television shows such as The Daily Show, The Office, and The Mindy Project. She has also showcased her acting skills in films including The People I’ve Slept With, The Interview, and The Lego Movie. Wong is not only an actor but also a writer and producer.  Wong is famous for her one-person theater shows, which make fun of topics like race, sex, privilege, and the Asian-American experience.

Some of her popular shows are Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, which talks about the high depression and suicide rates among Asian-American women; The Wong Street Journal, which looks at how global poverty and privilege affect people; and Kristina Wong for Public Office, which shows her real-life run for a local government position in Los Angeles.

Jeremy Lin wife, Kristina Wong, is also a performance artist who does funny and shocking things in public places. For example, she made a fake website called Big Bad Chinese Mama to make fun of how some people see Asian women; she pretended to be Fannie Wong, a former Miss Chinatown 2nd Runner-Up, and joined the 2003 Miss LA Chinatown contest; and she had a funeral for her future dead cat at the Hammer Museum.

Wong is also an activist and a community leader who fights for social justice and Asian-American representation. She has been selected as a member of the Wilshire Center Sub-district 5 Koreatown Neighborhood Council in Los Angeles. She also made a web series called Radical Cram School, which teaches young Asian-American girls about feminism, racism, and activism.

Kristina Wong and Jeremy Lin: A Love Story

We don’t know how Jeremy Lin’s and Kristina Wong’s paths crossed; we can only assume that they became friends through some mutual acquaintances and later started dating.  They kept their relationship private for two years before Jeremy revealed it on January 18, 2023. He announced on social media that he had a secret wedding with his long-term partner “a few years ago” in a small ceremony. He called the wedding the “best moment” of his life and said he was thankful to have someone who accepts him for who he was.

He did not reveal his wife’s name, but he posted his message in both Chinese and English and added a wedding picture. He also said that he tried to protect his personal life from the public for as long as possible, but he also felt it was difficult for people to not be aware of such a big change.  Kristina Wong: Social Media Kristina Wong’s Instagram account, @mskristinawong, has 9550 followers, whereas her husband, Jeremy Lin, has 2 million followers on Instagram.

Bottom Line

Kristina Wong, Jeremy Lin wife, is an accomplished activist, artist, and community leader. Through her work and activism, she has made a significant impact on advocating for social justice and Asian American representation.