The Kelce Family Playroom Makeover: A Peek into Jason Kelce’s Home

Jason Kelce Home

Have you ever wondered how a Super Bowl champion and his family live? Well, wonder no more, because we have an exclusive peek into Jason Kelce home and his daughters’ playroom makeover.

Jason Kelce, the center for the Philadelphia Eagles, and his wife Kylie, a former college athlete and field hockey coach, have three adorable daughters: Wyatt, Ellie, and Bennett.

The couple recently teamed up with Pottery Barn Kids to transform their playroom into a cozy and comfortable space that reflects their love of sports, nature, and family.

In this article, we’ll show you how they did it, what inspired them, and what their daughters think of their new play area. So, get ready to be inspired by this playroom makeover that is as fun as it is functional.

Jason Kelce Home: A Tour of His Properties

Jason Kelce, the six-time Pro Bowl center for the Philadelphia Eagles, has a few impressive properties to call home. He lives with his wife Kylie and their three daughters in Haverford, Pennsylvania, a suburb 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia. He also owns a summer house in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, on the Jersey Shore, and a rental house in his birth city of Cleveland, Ohio.

Jason Kelce’s main residence is a four-bedroom, three-bathroom mansion that he bought in 2018 for $680,000. Jason Kelce home is situated on a plot of land measuring an acre boasting a backyard complete with a swimming pool and a cozy fire pit. Inside you’ll find hardwood floors, a fireplace, an exquisite kitchen perfect for culinary pursuits and a luxurious master suite offering both a spacious walk-in closet and a delightful jacuzzi tub.

The house also has a basement that Jason converted into a gym and a game room. In 2019, Jason Kelce expanded his real estate portfolio by buying the house next door for $3.96 million. It is a new property having a four-bedroom home, but it sits on eight acres of land and has a tennis court, a pond, and a barn. Jason Kelce plans to use the extra space for his hobbies and his dogs.

Jason Kelce also has a three-story, four-bedroom summer house in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, that he purchased for $2.2 million in 2020. The townhouse is located one block from the beach and has three levels and several patios with ocean views. This home has a modern design with an open floor plan, a fireplace, a wet bar, and a rooftop deck.

Jason Kelce and his family enjoy spending their vacations there and relaxing by the shore. Jason Kelce’s first property is a modest three-unit rental house in Cleveland, Ohio, that he bought in 2014 for $135,000. The house is located in the Tremont neighborhood. Where Jason Kelce grew up and went to high school.

He rents out the units to tenants and visits occasionally to check on the property and his hometown. Jason Kelce’s home is a reflection of his success, his personality, and his family. He has created comfortable and cozy spaces for himself and his loved ones. Where they can have fun, relax, and make memories.

The Inspiration Behind the Playroom Makeover

Jason and Kylie Kelce wanted to create a playroom that would reflect their family’s values and interests. They chose a theme of sports and nature, as both are important aspects of their lives. Jason, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, is passionate about football and loves to share his skills with his daughters.

Kylie, who was a college athlete and a field hockey coach, also enjoys sports and fitness. They both appreciate the outdoors and want their children to grow up with a sense of adventure and curiosity. The couple worked with Pottery Barn Kids to design a playroom that would incorporate these elements in a fun and functional way.

They selected furniture and accessories that would match their green color scheme and provide plenty of storage and organization. They also added personal touches, such as framed photos of their family. A custom-made sign with their last name, and a wall decal of a football field with their daughters’ names on it. The result is a playroom that is cozy, comfortable, and full of personality.

The Kelce Kids: How Jason and Kylie Raise Their Three Daughters

Jason and Kylie Kelce are not only a power couple, but also proud parents of three beautiful girls: Wyatt, Ellie, and Bennett. They share their parenting journey and their family values in this section. Jason and Kylie Kelce met in 2014, when Kylie was working as a field hockey coach at the University of Pennsylvania.

They hit it off and got married in 2018, in a ceremony that featured Jason’s famous Super Bowl speech as their vows. They welcomed their first daughter, Wyatt Elizabeth, in 2018, followed by their second daughter, Elliotte Ray, in 2019, and their third daughter, Bennett Marie, in 2020.

Jason and Kylie Kelce love being parents and spending time with their daughters. They enjoy taking them to the park, the zoo, the beach, and other fun places. Also like to read books, play games, and watch movies with them.

They try to instill in them a love of sports, nature, and family. Jason and Kylie Kelce also want their daughters to grow up with confidence, kindness, and resilience.

Bottom Line

Jason Kelce home is not only a reflection of his success and personality. But also a haven for his family to create lasting memories. From their impressive properties to the thoughtfully designed playroom. The Kelce family exemplifies the importance of sports, nature, and family in their lives.