Jameliz – From TikTok Star to Viral Sensation

Image Source: @jellybeanjameliz/youtube

Jameliz is an internet sensation who has a lot of fans. She makes Av Model videos, posts on social media, and makes TikTok clips. She got famous very fast; people want to know how rich she is, who her family is, and more. In this article, you will learn everything about Jameliz.

Birth, Family, and Background

Jameliz was born in February 2003, making her currently 20 years old as of 2023. The specific date of her birth is not known. We also don’t have any information regarding her parents, siblings, and education. Her online persona is known as Jelly Beans. She has a mixed ethnicity and boasts of strong Mexican roots.

Jameliz: Physical Appearance

Jameliz has a height of 4’10″ and a weight of 45 kgs. She possesses a proportionate physique and an attractive appearance. She adheres to a disciplined workout regimen in order to sustain her healthy and fit body.

Jameliz’s Early Life and How She Became Famous

Jameliz was a normal teenager who loved entertainment. She showed her talent for performing in school plays and talent shows, where she impressed everyone with her flair. Her teachers saw her potential and supported her to follow her dreams. Jameliz started to make content on social media platforms and gained a lot of fans. She reached a wider audience with her amazing skills and personality. She worked hard and was determined to succeed. She is now a rising star on the internet, thanks to her early experiences that shaped her career.

Jameliz’s Career Journey

Jameliz’s career is a prime example of hard work and determination. She began by creating content on social media to showcase her remarkable skills and likable personality. Her efforts paid off quickly, as she gained a large following and caught the attention of a wider audience. Thanks to her talent and creativity, Jameliz started collaborating with big brands and became an influential figure in her industry. Her videos and photos continue to captivate her fans and inspire others to pursue their dreams. Her career is steadily on the rise, and we can’t wait to see what she has planned for the future!

Jameliz Social Media Presence


Jameliz TikTok account @jamelizzz00 has 517.2 K followers and 4.6M likes. She keeps on posting wonderful videos which attract a lot of likes and comments. Her videos are engaging, interactive, and funny so her followers eagerly wait for her to post content on TikTok.


Jameliz YouTube account @jellybeanjameliz has 1.05K subscribers. On YouTube, she mostly posts dance videos which are very engaging to watch.


Jameliz Instagram account @justjellybeanss has 149K followers. She also has another Instagram account @itsjellybeanss which is private.


Jameliz also has an OnlyFans account @jamelizzzz where she posts exclusive content for her followers for a subscription fee. She has around 2.4K photos and 370 videos. There were rumors of Jameliz leak videos circulating on some websites.  On investigation, we could find some websites claiming to have Jameliz leak videos, but most of these were just clickbait to attract traffic and we would recommend that readers should not get lured by these websites as they can also corrupt your computer system and put in malware.

Relationship Status

Currently, Jameliz is single and not in a relationship with a husband or boyfriend. Her main focus is on personal growth and achieving their goals. She believes it’s important to prioritize herself before diving into romantic relationships.

Jameliz’s Impressive Success

As of 2023, Jameliz’s net worth is estimated to be $100k. This is a testament to her incredible achievements in a short amount of time. Her hard work and talent not only helped her gain a huge following on social media but also brought her financial success. Jameliz’s accomplishments as an Av Model, social media influencer, and TikTok star reflect her determination and commitment. With a bright future ahead, there’s no doubt that Jameliz will continue to reach new heights in her career.

Bottom Line

Jameliz is a talented and hardworking TikTok star who has quickly gained fame and success. She has gained recognition as a rising star in the industry due to her engaging content and strong social media following. Although there have been rumors of leaked private videos, it is crucial for readers to be cautious of deceptive websites and instead show support for Jameliz’s authentic platforms. Given her dedication and accomplishments, Jameliz has a promising future in the entertainment industry.