Exploring the Life and Career of Emma DiGiovine

Emma Digiovine

Emma DiGiovine Watters may be known to many as the second wife of FOX News journalist Jesse Watters, but there’s so much more to her than just her high-profile relationship. She’s a fitness expert and a model in her own right.In fact, did you know that Emma has even worked professionally as a model before?  There are many interesting facets to Emma’s life and career that you may not be aware of, and we’re here to shed some light on them. Come with us as we explore the multifaceted life of rising actress Emma DiGiovine Watters.

The Many Facets of Emma DiGiovine Watters: From Modeling to Fitness and Writing

Emma DiGiovine Watters is a rising star with a diverse range of talents and interests. From 2012 to 2014, she worked as a model at MSA Models and had a profile on Model Mayhem. However, it’s important to note that she never posed without clothes, as she clarified that she wouldn’t tolerate nudity. Aside from modeling, Emma was also an aspiring actress, as seen on her Explore Talent page.

But now, Emma is an entrepreneur and fitness guru. During the Coronavirus lockdown, she has been sharing at-home workouts and diets on social media to help her fans stay fit during the epidemic. Emma’s interests also extend to writing, and she often contributes to EliteDaily, a website for millennial women. With so many talents and passions, it’s clear that Emma DiGiovine Watters is a multifaceted individual with a bright future ahead.

Emma DiGiovine Watters: A Look into Her Early Years

Originally from Cranford, New Jersey, Emma DiGiovine Watters entered the world on March 14, 1992. She is the only daughter of Janice and Gregory and one of their two children. Emma and her family have a close relationship, and she frequently uploads photos of them online. Gregory DiGiovine, Emma’s dad, is the State Contract and Program Manager at the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.

Emma’s brother Anthony is a very important person in her life. Education and Early Interests After finishing elementary school at Cranford, Emma enrolled in the School of Saint Elizabeth. At high school, Emma starred on the soccer, field hockey, and softball teams. She also took dancing training and made her debut as a dancer in the American Ballet Theatre at the age of 15.

Emma attended Fairfield University in Connecticut after she graduated from the School of Saint Elizabeth in 2010. She joined the student government at her institution and eventually became the director of marketing. In 2014, Emma received her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from her alma mater.

Emma DiGiovine Watters: Her Journey in the World of Media

Emma DiGiovine Watters has had an impressive career in the media industry, but it hasn’t been without its ups and downs. After graduating from Fairfield University in 2014, Emma started interning at the Showtime network and worked as an assistant for the VP of Corporate Affairs and Entertainment. But it was her time at FOX News that truly defined her career.

Emma watters

Rising Through the Ranks at FOX News

Emma joined the FOX News network in 2015 as a production assistant for the show Stossel. But it wasn’t long before she caught the attention of the network and was promoted to associate producer of the show, “Watters’ World,” in June 2016. During her time at the show, Emma worked on several major projects, including a Presidential sit-down interview and an Air Force One shoot with POTUS.

She also served as the White House liaison for “Watters’ World” and produced segments on topics ranging from Super Bowl coverage to Appalachia and the Chicago South Side.

The Controversy and Beyond

However, Emma’s stint at FOX News was cut short when news of her romance with the show’s presenter, Jesse Watters, broke. In November 2018, Jesse revealed his infidelity to the network, and Emma was transferred to “The Ingraham Angle.” Despite the controversy, Emma has continued to make a name for herself in the media industry. She is currently an entrepreneur, fitness guru, and writer, contributing to EliteDaily, a website for millennial women. Emma’s journey in the world of media is a testament to her resilience and determination, and we can’t wait to see where her career takes her next.

The Complicated Love Story of Emma DiGiovine and Jesse Watters

Jesse Watters, a well-known journalist, was previously married to Noelle Watters, with whom he had two daughters. However, their marriage was not built to last, and Noelle filed for divorce in October 2017, alleging infidelity on Jesse’s part with Emma DiGiovine, who was then an associate producer on his show.

Jesse and Emma initially denied any wrongdoing, but the affair eventually became public knowledge, and Noelle proceeded with the divorce. Despite the controversy, Jesse and Emma continued their relationship and eventually tied the knot. The Rise and Fall of Jesse and Noelle’s Marriage Jesse and Noelle Watters were married in 2009 and had two daughters together. However, their marriage was far from perfect, and allegations of infidelity on Jesse’s part began to surface.

In October 2017, Noelle filed for divorce, accusing Jesse of cheating on her with Emma DiGiovine, who was then working as an associate producer on his show. Jesse and Emma initially denied the allegations, but the affair eventually became public, and Noelle proceeded with the divorce. Despite this, Jesse and Emma continued their relationship, and their love story continued to unfold.

Inside Emma and Jesse’s Dreamy Wedding: A Celebration of Love and Family

Emma DiGiovine and Jesse Watters tied the knot on December 30, 2019, in a stunning ceremony at The Ritz-Carlton Resorts of Naples, Florida. The wedding was a lovely event attended by the couple’s closest friends and relatives. The wedding ceremony commemorated love, family, and fresh beginnings. Jesse’s daughters, Ellie and Sophie Watters served as the ring bearers, adding a special touch to the occasion.

Emma looked stunning in a white mermaid dress with a long veil, while Jesse was dapper in a black tuxedo with a white shirt. The pair kissed and exchanged vows in front of their family and friends. The wedding of Emma and Jesse was a day of love, laughter, and pleasure.

Jesse Watters and Emma DiGiovine Welcome Their First Child

Jesse Watters and Emma DiGiovine welcomed their first child, a son named Jesse Bailey Watters Jr., in 2020, a year after their extravagant wedding. For Jesse, this is his third child and first son, while Emma has embraced motherhood for the first time.

Emma First child

The arrival of their son marked a new chapter in Jesse and Emma’s lives, and they were thrilled to experience parenthood together. Emma has proven to be a dedicated and loving mother, taking on the challenges of motherhood with grace and perseverance.

A Growing Family

Before marrying Jesse, Emma shared a close relationship with his two daughters from his previous marriage. The love between Emma and her stepdaughters has only grown stronger with the arrival of their baby brother. Jesse’s daughters were present for their brother’s baptism in 2021, showing their support for their father and stepmother.


Emma DiGiovine Watters has been a talented and hardy person throughout her life. Emma has always worked tirelessly to achieve her goals, from her early years as a skilled athlete and ballerina to her successful career in the media world. Emma has overcome hardships in her personal life and professional career to become more resilient and successful than ever before.

Emma’s perseverance and inspiration as a mother, businesswoman, fitness expert, and author have never waned. Her story is an inspiring example of the transformative potential of love, family, and perseverance. One thing is certain, however: Emma DiGiovine Watters is a force to be reckoned with, and we can’t wait to see what she does in the future.