Denise Lombardo – Jordan Belfort’s First Wife – Life and Career

Denise Lombardo

Denise Lombardo, an American real estate agent who was born on November 11, 1962, is best known as the first wife of controversial Wall Street stockbroker Jordan Belfort. Lombardo, who is of Italian descent, graduated from Bayside High School before continuing her education at Adelphi University and Towson University, where she earned bachelor’s degrees in English Literature and Business Administration and Science, respectively.

She also has a master’s degree from Australian Catholic University in educational administration and leadership.

Denise Lombardo’s Profession Timeline

Before settling into her current profession as a real estate agent, Denise Lombardo dabbled in a number of other ones. From 1993 through 2000, she worked as a sales representative for Modern Medical Systems. In 2000, she quit her job and started working at Home Depot as a flooring specialist.

She has worked as a fashion industry assistant for brands including Blu Marine, Laurevan Shoe, Stefano Bravo, Genny-Byblos, and the former. Denise additionally worked at Smith & Nephew from 2006 until 2008. She has, however, worked as a real estate agent for the Douglas Elliman Prudential Elliman Company since 2010.

Denise Lombardo’s Private Life

Denise Lombardo began dating Jordan Belfort after the two met at Bayside High School. They tied the knot in 1985 and remained married till 1991. Around that time, Jordan began an affair with Nadine Caridi, a beautiful model and the Duchess of Bay Ridge.

Denise filed for divorce from Jordan, then 28, when she learned of his extramarital affairs. Lombardo and Jordan Belfort have no children together, and Lombardo has no links to Jordan Belfort beyond being his ex-wife.

Denise Lombardo’s Net Worth

Denise Lombardo, who is now a wealthy businesswoman after her divorce from Jordan Belfort, is a science graduate. Her success as a flooring specialist, saleswoman, and the real estate agent has contributed significantly to her present net worth of almost $9.5 million.

After Lombardo and Jordan’s divorce, she got a large settlement in one big payment. Denise allegedly earned $3 million in alimony from Jordan, the wolf of Wall Street, which contributed significantly to her current outstanding financial worth.

The Controversial Romance of Denise Lombardo and Jordan Belfort

In the blockbuster film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,‘ Cristin Milioti portrayed Denise Lombardo, a real-life woman whose life was based on Jordan Belfort’s. But Lombardo’s influence on Jordan Belfort’s life was brief, since Jordan immediately married Nadine Caridi following their divorce. Lombardo isn’t Jordan Belfort’s only ex-wife. Lombardo is to blame for Jordan Belfort’s string of five failed marriages.

Jordan Belfort

In 1984, while both working for a Wall Street brokerage business, Denise Lombardo met Jordan Belfort. They began dating in 1985 and tied the knot the same year. Belfort’s stock market success was well-established, and he and his wife were living well. Their marriage, however, was not trouble-free. Their relationship was strained by Belfort’s heavy drug and alcohol usage as well as his adultery.

Finally, in 1991, Lombardo filed for divorce, alleging “irreconcilable differences” as the reason. Belfort has said that his actions throughout their marriage were a primary cause of their separation. He called himself “a cheating, drug-addicted asshole” who placed himself first in his autobiography. He also said that he had abandoned Lombardo at crucial moments in their marriage and that he bore most of the blame for her anguish.

Divorce and Life After

Denise Lombardo has generally avoided the spotlight since her divorce from Belfort. She then wed again and is now known as Denise Lombardo-Peters. She has avoided the public eye, opting instead to concentrate on her private life. As a result of “The Wolf of Wall Street,” based on Jordan Belfort’s autobiography, Lombardo’s name has been brought back into the spotlight in recent years. The film, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio as Belfort and directed by Martin Scorsese, did well at the box office and with critics.

Lombardo, though, apparently disapproved of her portrayal in the movie. Belfort claims that Cristin Milioti‘s portrayal of Lombardo in the film is “grossly inaccurate.” He said the video unfairly depicted Lombardo as an uninvolved, compliant wife who enabled her eccentric husband. According to Belfort, though, Lombardo was a strong, independent woman who took an active part in their marriage, thus this portrayal is not fair. Lombardo has remained silent about her negative feelings about “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Instead, she prefers to keep a low profile and avoid publicity.


The marriage and subsequent divorce of Denise Lombardo and Jordan Belfort have been defining events in her life. Lombardo’s relationship with Belfort was rocky, but she’s moved on and is concentrating on herself now. Lombardo’s tale, which she has kept relatively private, was made into the blockbuster movie “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Despite her displeasure with the film’s portrayal of her, Lombardo will be remembered well beyond the realm of Hollywood. She’s a tough cookie who’s learned to put herself first when things become unpleasant.