The Mysterious and Controversial Life of Catherine Shelton

Catherine Shelton

Catherine Shelton is a former defense attorney from Texas whose life has been shrouded in mystery and controversy. She has been the subject of ongoing scrutiny due to the mysterious deaths of five men in her life. While Shelton has denied any involvement in the deaths, her connection to each case has raised many questions. Catherine Shelton’s mysterious past is full of suspicions and unsolved murders. Her first husband, Matt Quinlan, a Navy officer, died in strange circumstances that still remain unexplained.

Her current spouse, Clint Shelton, has been serving a life sentence for a murder he vehemently maintains he did not commit. Little is known about the enigmatic defense attorney’s background and activities. This begs the question: what other secrets does Catherine Shelton keep hidden? This article will try to satisfy your curiosity regarding the alleged murders and controversies surrounding Catherine Shelton.

The First Death – George Tedesco

In January 1979, Houston anesthesiologist George Tedesco was found dead in his garage. Shelton’s relationship with Tedesco had ended in a bitter dispute, with Shelton initiating a court case claiming they were “common law” married, entitling her to half of his assets. On the day of the scheduled hearing, however, Tedesco was found brutally beaten to death in his own garage.

An investigation revealed a tire iron at the crime scene which was believed to be the weapon used in the murder.  Rather than allowing authorities to investigate further, Shelton took matters into her own hands and broke into the crime scene to retrieve items she claimed were hers – including a TV, pottery, $140 in cash, her driver’s license, and an antique sword. This led to Tedesco’s family filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Shelton that never made it to trial.

The Relationship with Gary Taylor

Later in 1979, a Houston reporter named Gary Taylor, who covered the courthouse, began a relationship with Shelton. After Taylor attempted to end the relationship with Shelton, her rage was palpable. In a desperate attempt to maintain control of the situation, Taylor placed a pistol on her bedside table as a display of power over him.  In an effort to protect himself, Taylor sought help from his friends in the DA’s office.

They advised him and his roommate to record Shelton’s conversations on the phone, in order to gather evidence against Tedesco’s unsolved murder. When Shelton discovered this plan, tensions heightened even further. Taylor’s roommate called Shelton and captured her response on tape; she could be heard shouting: “he’s got to beg for my mercy!”.

The Shooting of Gary Taylor

In early 1980, Gary Taylor’s home was devastatingly burglarized. Though Shelton denied any involvement in the crime, Taylor insists that she offered to help him recover his stolen belongings if he came to her house.  Upon arriving, Taylor claims that Shelton directed him to her bedroom closet and abruptly switched off the lights. He then heard a gun being cocked and saw Shelton pointing it at the closet.

In a desperate attempt to save himself, Taylor managed to grab a chair and charge at Shelton. A single round was fired at him which grazed his ear before he threw the chair at her and escaped down the hallway. As he reached the door, Taylor felt an agonizing shot in his back – it was later revealed that Shelton had fired it in self-defense. Consequently, she was arrested for her actions.

The Tommy Bell Case

In May 1980, Shelton’s former client, Tommy Bell, was found dead from gunshot wounds in his home. While little information is available about Bell’s case, he and Shelton were named in a wrongful death claim made by George Tedesco’s family. According to the victim’s roommate, Bell was playing Russian roulette with his gun when the incident occurred, and Shelton was not subject to any additional investigation.

The Chris Hansen Incident

In 1999, Shelton’s former client, Chris Hansen, was found dead in her home. While authorities ruled Hansen’s death an accident due to autoerotic asphyxiation, questions were raised about Shelton’s involvement. She reportedly assisted Hansen with his immigration process and had a contentious relationship with him in the months leading up to his death.

The Michael Hierro Case

Michael Hierro, whose wife once worked for Shelton’s legal firm, was the fourth victim to die under suspicious circumstances. Shelton reportedly became upset when Marisa Hierro left her job to start her own immigration consultancy and even threatened her at one point. Hansen had confided in Hierro about his issues with Shelton shortly before his death. In December 1999, two masked assailants opened fire on Marisa and Michael while they were driving home. Michael was fatally wounded, and Marisa alleged that Shelton was to blame.

The Sam Shelton Incident

In 2017, Shelton was living with Sam Shelton, a 70-year-old veteran, who she claimed to be looking after. However, after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Catherine claimed that Sam died at their house of natural causes. It wasn’t until Catherine put Sam’s signature on a lease application for another property that questions were raised. She insisted that her intentions were good, as they had lost their home to the hurricane and needed to find a new home for Sam’s nurse and her family.

Catherine Shelton Sets the Record Straight

In 2022, Catherine Shelton spoke with Jenna Jackson to address past accusations. Shelton denied ever being involved in murder or paying someone to do so. She emphasized that she had never promised or offered anything in exchange for taking a human life. The interview aimed to set the record straight about these allegations.


The case of Catherine Shelton is a complex and disturbing one, with a long history of questionable events surrounding her relationships and the deaths of several men in her life. Catherine Shelton’s story reminds us of the risks of unchecked power and influence, and why we should hold those in authority to account.

It also shows us that we need a justice system that’s fair, impartial, and really investigates cases to give closure to victims’ families. We may never know the full truth about what happened with Catherine Shelton and the deaths of those men, but her case is still a warning about the dark side of the law and what can happen if the power goes unchecked.