Brianna Coppage 28 – From Teacher to OnlyFans

Brianna Coppage

The name Brianna Coppage 28 is everywhere. All over US knows her through the ever-changing world of social media and online platforms. She is a notable figure. She has successfully made major career changes while remaining visible to the public. She has experienced controversy, change, and ultimately empowerment in her story. Brianna Coppage, a former high school English teacher in Franklin County, Missouri, made headlines when her side gig on OnlyFans became public knowledge.  Here’s what we know about her situation:

Teaching Career and Low Pay

Brianna Coppage taught at St. Clair High School in Franklin County, approximately 55 miles southwest of St. Louis. She was in her fifth year of teaching and her second year at St. Clair High School. Coppage cited the low pay from her teaching job as the reason she turned to OnlyFans.  She mentioned that Missouri has one of the lowest states in the nation for teacher pay, and the district she worked for was also one of the lowest paying districts in the state. Her annual teaching salary was around $42,000.

OnlyFans and Earnings

Coppage joined OnlyFans to supplement her income. On the platform, she earned significantly more than her teaching salary. She claimed to make more in a month from subscription revenue on OnlyFans than her entire annual teaching salary. Before her suspension, she reportedly earned up to $10,000 a month on OnlyFans. After the news broke, her account gained over 100 new subscribers, and she more than doubled her subscription price.

Resignation and Grieving Process

Coppage resigned after a link to her OnlyFans profile appeared on a St. Clair Facebook group. Despite the financial gain, she expressed missing teaching and going through a grieving process, knowing she wouldn’t return to education and see her students in the classroom again. The district’s rules were vague, and she felt that whether she violated them was a matter of opinion.

Brianna Coppage 28 Taboo

Coppage justified her decision to join OnlyFans, saying she has no regrets. She believed that sex work did not have to be ashamed and shared her thoughts on the subject.


  • Born: In Missouri, USA, in 1995, Brianna Coppage was born.
  • Family: She grew up in a traditional Christian home. Her brother, Andrew Coppage, is a vocalist for the metal group Paradigm Symphony.


  • Passion for Literature: Brianna had a deep love of reading and writing from a young age.
  • Higher Education: In 2018, she earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Missouri State University, where she pursued her further education.

Brianna’s deep interest in literature and writing from her childhood eventually led her to a career in teaching, where she hoped to make a positive impact on her students


Brianna has known Phillip Coppage since high school, and the two are married. Brianna and Phillip are close. He has encouraged her to pursue her career goals. This includes being involved with OnlyFans.


The couple has two children. They have kept their children’s identities private.

Social Media

Brianna Coppage maintains a presence on various social media platforms. Here’s a brief overview of her activity:

  • Linktree: Brianna has a Linktree profile. It lists all her social media platforms, including OnlyFans, Fansly, and Twitter.
  • Instagram: She talks with her followers on Instagram. She shares glimpses of her life and interests on these platforms.

Regarding her activity, Brianna Coppage became notably active on social media. This was after her transition from teaching to content creation. She interacts with her audience. She shares parts of her personal and work life.  For direct access to her social media profiles and to see what she posts, you can visit her Linktree profile. Please note that some of her content may be intended for mature audiences.

Net Worth

Her net worth has significantly increased, particularly when she joined OnlyFans. Her estimated net worth is one million dollars. But according to a different source, it’s about $150,000.


In sum, Brianna Coppage’s story sheds light on the money problems faced by educators. It also shows the unusual measures some take to earn more. Her story sheds light on the bigger problem of teacher pay. It shows the gap between teacher salaries and the demands of their job.