All About the Sports Journalist – Brad Wakai

Brad Wakai

Who is Brad Wakai? Brad Wakai is a well-known and experienced sports journalist. He also shares various sports stories through various mediums. He graduated from Penn State University and, soon after, began writing about basketball and football. 

His job is to let fans know what’s going on in the world of sports, so he is a real big cheese. Let us tell you everything about Brad Wakai, from his birth, parents, and education to his present pursuits. 

Birth, Parents and Education

Brad Wakai, born on an undisclosed date, graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Journalism. While working at the student radio station, he reported on several Penn State athletic programs: football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and others.

For Sports Illustrated/FanNation, Brad covers the Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs, Houston Astros, and more. He is also a contributor and hosts subjects relating to the NFL, college football, the NBA, and everything else on the sports podcast “I Said What I Said.”.

Different Roles of Brad Wakai

A Versatile Sports Media Journalist

Wakai’s versatility shines through his extensive work across different media platforms. He hosts  the acclaimed sports podcast “I Said What I Said” and also contributes articles for prominent publications like Sports Illustrated and Men’s Journal, Wakai has left an indelible mark in the sports journalism landscape.

Podcast Host

Wakai hosts “I Said What I Said,” in which he presents a very clear viewpoint on many sports topics, which often leave listeners engaged and learning from his wordplay. The number of loyalists to the podcast are average sports fans and also those who love to indulge in sports gambling.


Brad Wakai is much more than a podcaster. He is also a very good writer and his articles have been published in esteemed publications such as Sports Illustrated and Men’s Journal. His articles offer a detailed analysis into the dynamic world of sports.

 Whether it’s covering MLB trades or NBA speculations, Wakai’s articles resonate with readers, reflecting his deep understanding of the sports industry.

Scouting Talent

Wakai is also into talent scouting, working with Prep Hoops to identify and evaluate high school basketball prospects. He scouts, makes reports, and puts out stories for the site in general, playing his part in creating tomorrow’s sports celebrities.

Social Media Presence

Wakai’s digital footprint extends across various social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. With an engaged audience spanning thousands of followers, Wakai leverages these platforms to connect with fans, share updates, and amplify his voice in the sports community.


Brad Wakai goes by @bwakai has amassed a significant following on Instagram. With over 760 followers, Wakai’s Instagram profile offers a glimpse into his multifaceted career and interests. 

As the host of the sports podcast @iswis_pod, Wakai’s bio succinctly encapsulates his role in the podcasting realm.


Wakai has over 500 connections on LinkedIn, Wakai has built a robust network of industry contacts, further enhancing his visibility and influence within the sports community. His connections span a wide range of roles and organizations, reflecting his collaborative approach to building relationships and fostering meaningful connections.


Brad Wakai goes by @Bwakai boasts a substantial following of 624 individuals on X. This platform serves as another avenue for Wakai to engage with his audience, sharing his insights, opinions, and updates on various sports-related topics.


Brad also has a YouTube channel @iswis_pod, with 1.98 subscribers. 


Brad Wakai also has a TikTok account @iswis_pod that has 39 followers and 1201 likes.

A Passion for Sports and Beyond

Beyond his professional pursuits, Wakai’s passion for sports transcends the confines of his career. A lifelong fan of the Philadelphia 76ers, Wakai’s dedication to his favorite team reflects his unwavering love for the game.

Contributor to Magazines

Brad Wakai contributes articles to several magazines and online platforms, showcasing his expertise and insights into various sports-related topics. Some of the publications he writes for includes:

Sports Illustrated

Brad Wakai is a writer for Sports Illustrated, covering a wide range of sports, including NFL, College Football, NBA, MLB, and more. His articles provide in-depth analysis, news, and commentary on current events and developments within the sports world.


Wakai is also a contributor to FanNation, where he continues to share his perspectives on sports-related subjects. FanNation is a platform that offers sports fans a space to engage with content from various writers and contributors.

Nittany Lions Wire

As a contributor to Nittany Lions Wire, Wakai focuses on covering Penn State athletics. He provides updates, analysis, and insights into the performance of Penn State teams, recruiting news, and other related topics.

The Legacy Continues

Brad Wakai is really making a name for himself in sports media. He inspires people who want to be journalists or podcast hosts. Brad loves sports a lot and always tries to do his best, and he’s going to be remembered for a long time because of it.


Brad Wakai, the versatile sports journalist, wears many hats—from hosting the engaging podcast “I Said What I Said” to contributing insightful articles for Sports Illustrated and Men’s Journal. His passion for sports extends beyond writing, as he scouts high school basketball talents and maintains an active social media presence.