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Bobby Hurley Wife

American businesswoman and Bob Hurley wife, Leslie Hurley gained notoriety as the spouse of NBA player-turned-coach Bobby Hurley. Her husband coached the University at Buffalo before taking the helm as head coach of the Arizona State men’s team. Leslie made headlines across the world in 2020 when she accused athletic director Ray Anderson of concealing sexual harassment by an athletics booster. After her husband called Anderson’s behaviour “disturbing” in an email discussion, Anderson replied to Hurley’s email, calling the charges “false and baseless.” How was the case resolved?

The wife of Bobby Hurley, Leslie Hurley

Bobby Hurley wife works in business. Bobby and Leslie Hurley have been wed for a considerable amount of time. The couple will commemorate twenty-seven years of marriage in 2022. While Leslie Hurley was playing for the Sacramento Kings, he got to know Bobby a few months after Bobby’s vehicle tragedy on December 12, 1993. Bobby first met Leslie, a student at Seton Hall, when his brother Dan was a student there.

Bobby would drive up to see Dan a few times a week at that time.  Had it not been for that accident, I could have been playing in California right now. But my family is what it gave me. Even though it was terrible for my basketball career and extremely difficult to go through, Bobby stated that there was a positive outcome. On November 2, 1995, the pair, who had been dating for more than a year, got married in a private ceremony.

Bobby Hurley and Leslie Hurley Mr and Mrs Hurley have three children together

Mr and Mrs Hurley are parents to three children: Bobby Hurley, a male, and Sydney and Cameron Hurley, two daughters. Their two children have already graduated from college: Cameron from Duke in 2018 and Sydney from Arizona State University in 2020, with a degree in sports business and marketing.  Similarly, their son is going to school.

Bobby Hurey’s net worth, career earnings, real estate, and Leslie Hurley’s net worth are all included in this figure

As a businesswoman, Leslie Hurley, Bob Hurley wife is reported to be worth over $250,000, while her husband, Bobby Hurley, is thought to be over $8 million. His business dealings in the basketball world account for most of his income. Hurley’s six seasons in the NBA as a point guard throughout his playing career helped him achieve financial success. Bobby Hurley became an owner and breeder of thoroughbred horses and entered the thoroughbred horse racing industry after quitting professional basketball. Interestingly, he was the owner of Songandaprayer, a racehorse that won the coveted Fountain of Youth Stakes in 2001.

But it’s important to note that Hurley ran into legal problems when PNC Bank accused him in December 2009 of not paying back a $1 million loan that had been used to buy Songandaprayer. He owns Devil Eleven Stables at the moment. Bobby Hurley started his coaching career in 2010. He presently makes $2.355 million a year as the head coach of the ASU basketball team. In terms of coaching salary, this ranks him 45th in the US and fifth in the Pac-12. He is eligible for a maximum bonus of $1.985 million, although he has already received $200,000 in bonus payments. Hurley lives a lavish lifestyle, but he keeps a low profile when it comes to the facts of his real estate holdings and automobile collection.


The athletics director at Arizona State, Ray Anderson, was charged with concealing reports that a prominent benefactor had harassed three women, including Hurley’s wife. Later, in a statement to Arizona Sports, an ASU representative said, “This matter has been fully investigated and resolved.” Additionally, Hurley sent a comment via Twitter to Doug Haller of The Athletic. Bobby Hurley, the coach of basketball at Arizona State: Ray Anderson, the athletic director, and I get along well these days. Along with my fantastic coaching staff, we will collaborate to ensure Sun Devil Men’s Basketball continues to be successful.

Bobby Hurley

The date of Robert Matthew Hurley’s birth is June 28, 1971. He is an American coach and former professional basketball player from college. He is the Arizona State Sun Devils’ head coach. Hurley was the University at Buffalo’s head coach before. In his final year, he was named unanimously to the first team of All-America while winning back-to-back national titles with the Duke Blue Devils. As far as assists go in NCAA basketball history, he is the record holder. From 1993 to 1999, he played for the Sacramento Kings and Vancouver Grizzlies in the National Basketball Association (NBA).


  • Bobby Hurley coaches where?

He is the head coach of the men’s basketball team, the Ducks, at Stevens Institute of Technology. In April 2022, he got engaged. At Stevens, this is his first year.

  • Was Bobby Hurley a Duke player?

Yes, Bobby Hurley participated in the 1990–1993 Duke University squad. In 1993, he was named National Player of the Year and was an All-American thrice. He helped Duke win two national titles and three Final Four appearances.

  • What is Bobby Hurley’s age?

His birthday is June 28, 1971. He is 52 years old as of right now.

  • To whom is Bobby Hurley wed?

Leslie Palceski Hurley is Bobby Hurley wife. They met at Duke University, where Bobby was a collegiate basketball player. She attended Seton Hall University as a student. They got married in 1995 and are parents to three kids together. Sydney, Bobby, and Cameron remain their names.